Question:  Who the heck do you think you are coming out of retirement, never having been in government or politics, other than one failed attempt for Congress, challenging one of the finest Senators  Pennsylvania ever had. Shouldn't you just stay retired?

Answer: Thank you for the question. I know who I am. I am really not excited about the prospects of picking up, uprooting my family, and heading to Washington. I worked for several years in New York when I was with IBM, but I was only 21 years old at the time. When IBM chose to transfer me to Scranton, PA.,  , , , I was very happy to come back home to Northeastern PA (NEPA), to join my father and mother and brothers and sisters --- who all lived close by. Family is very important in my life. I have lived in NEPA all my life, other than those few years. 

I am 63-years old but I seem 21 in my mind. I am so much smarter now than when I was really 21. Growing old has some great benefits which can only be learned by growing older. And, yes, in my life, the "wiser" part came right along with it.

I feel that I have something to offer to my country and it is the right time in my life to help. I am no longer twenty-one years old, and I know a lot more about life than when I first worked in Utica, NY. I am wise enought to not want to be a politician and I promise not become one. Moreover, I think that the government of the people is too important to leave it just to politicians. Maybe that gives you an idea of who I am. If you are still reading, it gives me an idea of who you are! 

If I were not so upset with our National Government, and its elite demeanor, and its unresponsiveness to the people, I would not feel the need to run for this important office.  Since it is a six year office once elected, I do not plan to ever run for office again. I plan to be elected as your US Senator, but of course, that is up to you. 


If I did not think that I could help in a big way, because of how differently I feel than the people who now claim to represent both you and me, I would not even think of taking on this challenge. America is deeply in need of help from its own citizens, I am ready to do my part. From my perspective, politicians need not apply.

It is up to you whether people like you should be able to run for office and be honored with your vote. Most of us have been trained to expect little from our representatives because they are politicians. We have been trained by them to think it is OK that they work for their Party and they work for themselves and their next election. We caan not afford for such selfish people to hold public offices of any kind, anymore. They are the big reason why we are hurting so badly economically. We cannot continue permitting these people to pretend to represent Americans.

Would you not like to vote in a person who will not steal from you or cheat you. That would be a plus, but it is not so easy to do as the politicians are gifted with pied-piper-like tongues, and they can sway those not paying attention away from what they know is right. Those days must end. We the people must find somebody who will actually help America by working honestly for the people, independently of whether it helps the representative. There is so much wrong today, and almost all of it has been done by our overly friendly representatives. Only we can change that -- by looking more closely at the dandidates and voting in those who are honest and who appear to have the value system of regular people, not the progressive elite.

I know there is a perception that those who have never held political offices should start at low offices and work their way up the ladder. My thoughts on this notion are that this is the perfect way to create a politician and keep government in the hands of a political class of elite know-it-alls, while the people more or less are told to eat cake. Find a politician who likes me and I may very well drop out of the race if I beleive them. I agree that any politician looking for name recognition should start small at an early age and then go after more important offices until their political career is over. That is what makes a politician a politician.

However, I am not a politician. I am a professor, a computer specialist, a writer, and a businessman. At my age, 63, and with my experience, I know a lot about a lot. In recent years, I have learned more and more about government, our Constitution, and how our democracy should be working for we the people.

From what I have learned, America is not working the way it should. So, I think it is time to retire most of the politicians and put some hard working, competent, ordinary Americans to work for the people. I think I fit the bill on that one. I hope the more you learn about what I am all about, you will think so too!

I know that there is a perception that it helps to have legislative experience tobe a legislator.  I have heard the rhetoric over and over, from the grocery store to the barber shop to the town tavern:  "A new guy in the Senate will not serve the people well.  We need to bring back the ones who are on the big committees so that our area can be well represented in the Congress of the US.... We won't get anything for our area if we vote in somebody who is honest and new."  When you read that, don't you hope in your heart that is not true. It is up to US to make it untrue.

I do not buy that argument. If it were true we would have the finest Congress there ever was. Instead, we have the worst,  Even our own Senator, Bob Casey Jr. has not been a leader but a follower. In lock step with the hard left socialist / progressive faction, Harry Reid and Barack Obama, he has given up his individualism and his ability to represent Pennsylvanians honestly. As much as I would prefer not to say this, the Senate Master, Harry Reid and the President, BOH, are RPC's masters all the way.

This is the kind of representation Pennsylvania does not need. The approval rating of Congress is in the toilet because of the quality of their work - for special interests vs. the people's interests.  Bob Casey Jr. has not fought against this. Why? Ask him in a confidential letter and see what you get back.

I am a candidate for the Senate. The side of Congresss that is broken is the Senate. It is broken because Senators such as Robert P. Casey Jr., and his ilk care more about Senatorial privilege than the privilege of representing the people of Pennsylvania. 

To help end poor quality representation and to be part of a representative body that realizes that its roots are the people and the people are who all of the representatives serve, R.P. Casey Jr. and company must go.

The perception that big time experience counts in Congress may be correct. But it is not correct unless the idea is for politicians to be powerful enough that they can create corrupt deals that, for example, help Pennsylvania to grab the taxpayer's money from Alaska or California or Missouri to feed the needs of a PA politician. 

I do not think that being a representative is about getting the biggest grab bag of goodies possible and bringing them home. Such a philosophy hurts other states and the country as a whole, and eventually it will all come back to hurt Pennsylvania.  It is a bad idea that has gotten even worse as Senators and Representatives think it is OK to swindle one state to help theirs.

Ultimately, Pennsylvania is victimized and really not assisted by such a system that rewards corruption and back room deals.  Where are the people, US, in all this "action?" The people are soon left behind and the corruption is practiced openly as Congressmen and Congresswomen openly say, that's the way it is! Sorry Dear Congresspersons that is the way it will no longer be.

Our Senators should not be interested in having those from other states have their votes purchased using our state's funding. Such a back room corrupt system brought Nebraska with Senator Nelson, Louisiana with Senator Landrieu, Connecticut with Senator Dodd, and others scheming to take PA tax money to take from one state to feed another to get bad legislation passed. Surely, there were special pork projects for their states and that is disgraceful and dishonest.  Do we send our representatives to Congress to outbid with their votes the interests of other states?  It is a corrupt system, and over time, it corrupts our representatives.  

The more Congressman believe that their role is to bring more of the bacon home, the more the taxpayer's hide in all states is whipped to produce the bacon. At best, that is a lousy system.  The representatives who learn the tricks are the ones who trick the rest.  The federal government has no business messing with the states, especially favoring one over another. 

The people do not want one state to grab from another. So, if this is the system, it must be changed.  We must not permit a system that lets a knowing representative steal from one who does not know the system well. We must not permit special interests to rule over the interests of the people at large. I can assure you I will fight for these changes to help make our government serve the people. Of course if there are 434 other new Representatives in the 113th Congress, the thieves will have been expunged, including our own.  

I know that this is a tough argument for any potential rookie to make. I think I can do well for Pennsylvania but while doing so I will work to make the playing field more fair for all representatives. 

One of my favorite movies is Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. In my personal ranking, it is just a bit behind Meet John Doe, and It's A Wonderful Life!  I am not suggesting that I can come anywhere close to the good work that Mr. Smith (Jimmy Stewart) or John Doe (Gary Cooper) did in those movies, but if I could just get close, and I will try, then maybe it would be a more wonderful life for us all.  What would be wrong with no corruption in Washington? 

Oh, it may be goody-goody to think like I do, but I can't believe that we must settle for what we now have in Washington.  Go see Mrs. Smith goes to Washington and see if it can bring some hope back in your heart that maybe it is OK to be goody-goody about important things. What is the alternative -- corruption, greed, graft, and back-room deals? We can do better. We are Americans!

There is nothing written anywhere that says that Americans must give up on our country and our government by reelecting professional con artists every two years.  Remember the naive Mr. Smith trying to convince the pros that their style of corruption was not good for the people and how he showed that even the most honorable representatives are often not honorable at all when they must make a choice for the people or for the special interests. 

If you choose to favor me with your confidence, I promise that I will use my conscience and my sense of honesty to put forth legislation, with no backroom deals, that will make us all proud. And when I do, you will hear my voice from Washington, and when you make your voice known to me, I will hear you and work for you and all the people of Pennsylvania.

Is that not how it ought to be?