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Are you pleased with the economy, job prospects, the pospect of a full government takeover of healthcare, indoctrination of our youth to serve the ego of an out of control President, a huge energy tax implemented by SPA regulations to get around Congress, defended by a huge global warming hoax, bank and industry and crony bailouts, auto-industry takeovers, huge deficits, massive debt, loss of prestige in the world, disrespect for Americans, tacit diregard for the real threat of terrorism, and fifty other things that have the potential to make your blood boil?  If you are pleased, then you are one of a few in a number that continues to shrink. Why is this?


The people of this good country are waking up and finding out that the strongest country in the worldis in the process of being taken over by an eloquent speaker with a wimp character along with 40 czars, and a complicit Senate, ever assisting in the takeover.   



Here is a sample of what some of your fellow contrymen are saying. They are standing up and complaining. Woodie Guthrie would say that they are lining up to complain wherever they can be heard, from California to the New York Island, From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream Waters. He would want you to remember that this land is your land and this land is my land and this land was made for you and me.  Because of Woodie's appropriate reminder, and because the past year and then some have been bad for America and bad for the Constitution and bad for our Democracy, it's time to call those who represent us accountable for their poor leadership.

(BTW, the irony of Woody Guthrie is that he was a screaming liberal. The song I quote above even has a number of negative populist liberal overtones. Self described as "anti-nationalist, anti-corporate, anti-military and anti-NRA," In his song, Alabama 3, Guthrie penned,  "I don't need no country. I don't fly no flag".   If his name were not shortened, we'd recognize him immediately as a progressive, since his full signature is Woodrow Wilson Guthrie.)   


Here is a post from to help us get over Woddie Guthrie as a progressive.


 "Throw the Bums Out"


Posted by NevadaStu on Wednesday, April 08, 2009 12:05:22 PM


Sometimes, in the great scheme of things, a series of random events occur that combine to produce a “perfect storm”. America now finds itself in the midst of a “perfect political storm”. We’ve elected the most radically leftist President in history, and gifted him with a Congress made up of a super majority of his political allies.


The combination of a media driven hatred of George W. Bush, an imploding economy, excessive corporate greed, public and private sector incompetence and other less publicized conditions lead to an almost incomprehensible defeat of 8 Republican Senators and 40 Republican Congressmen last Nov. 2008.   Incomprehensible because the Democratically controlled congress had the lowest approval rating in history for much of 2008. It was 11% last October so the 111th Congress which we just rhough out is the all-time worst..


So why would American voters reward this kind of utter failure by re-electing the likes of Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, John Kerry, Richard Durbin, Carl Levin and so many other incompetent fools? Simple, media bias, hatred of GWB, and an uninformed or uninterested electorate all contributed to the worst Congress of all time. In 2011, the Senate still reaks of the arrogance of incompetence. 


Many of our congressional representatives have been ignoring the will of their constituents for far too long and yet we continually re-elect them. On issues of illegal immigration, energy policy, bailouts, budget, terrorism etc. they consistently vote to weaken this nation. They cram pork barrel earmarks into bills at a time when we can least afford them, and then, the fools pass those bills unread.


They give themselves nice raises almost each year, vote themselves excessive benefits packages, receive much of their pay for life after 5 years, and they are showered with gifts from lobbyists in return for special favors. It is tiring recounting their sins while watching them ruin our country for their own greed and corruptness.


Can this ever change?  It sure does not look like it can!   This will never change as long as Congress has the power to pass laws on their own behalf. In January of 2010, the US Congress voted to raise their yearly expense accounts by $93,000 each. That’s in addition to the $1.6m of petty cash they already receive per member....  Who's counting when most don't see it as something bad! 



Remember you have the power to change all this in 2010. The Senate has a bad report card. The semester is over, They flunked. Send them all home, expelled for life. Make sure RObert P. Casy Jr. is among those sent home. 


Your tool for change is your vote.


Use this tool wisely each election day.