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Original Date  January 2016
Date:               September 30, 2018

Important Correction

After much consideration Brian Kelly is endorsing Lou Barletta for the US Senate. Please do not vote for Bob Casey as he is not a friend of the people. I do not have to run for the US Senate because Lou Barletta is such a good person and his agenda is my agenda. Thank you.

Additionally, Kelly is endorsing John Chrin as the representative in NEPA to replace Matt Cartwright. Chrin is more a local than Cartwright and more importantly, Chrin is a good man. Cartwright will not change. He was on the wrong side of every important issue and will continue to vote against the people of Pennsylvania to please the Democratic leaders he worships.   


   ****** PRESS RELEASE ******

First Ever PA / US Candidate Running for the US House and the US Senate Simultaneously!
WB's Brian Kelly Expects to Beat the Odds and Win Both Times!

Will PA choose incumbent politicians who hate the people or a candidate who loves PA & America?

Like you, Congressional Candidate Brian Kelly is disgusted with the current leaders in government. He is asking for voters to forget about what big government can do for them. The results are in and the verdict is "0." Kelly is asking voters to write him in twice -- once in 2016 for Congress and once in 2018 for the US Senate. 
Brian hopes to help release our wonderful country from the grips of the socialists and communists.

Kelly Running for Congress & Senate Simultaneously 

In 2010, Brian Kelly put a team together so he could run for the US Congress. The full team worked every part of the three cold winter weeks that the state permitted to solicit signatures for the ballot petitions. His team got 1500 plus signatures and he was on the Democratic Primary ballot in Northeastern PA for Congress. Nobody other than entrenched politicians can get 1500 signatures for anything in three weeks unless they have great friends. One thousand valid signatures were required. When Brian and his Campaign Manager, Marty Devaney, went out together, they averaged about 6 signatures an hour counting the number of cold knocks on doors resulting in no answer or a very cold reception. Kelly offers this as a recount of his next two attempts at success: 

"In 2012, needing twice as many signatures (2000) by law. I decided to put a team together to run against US Senator Bob Casey. Very sadly, my good friend and campaign manager got quite sick and subsequently passed away. I called off my campaign dogs and asked supporters to write me in. Two thousand ballot-access nomination signatures were way too much without the organization. Even at full strength, it would have been tough for us to hit 2000. When it was over, even Luzerne County for its own reasons, refused to count my write-in votes, and the state refused to intervene to require any counties to do so."

"In 2015, needing "just" 100 signatures (Just try to get 100 signatures at about 6 per hour in the coldest weeks of the year.), I ran for Mayor of Wilkes-Barre, PA. A small team of family and close friends brought in about 250 signatures and that was more than enough to put me on the ballot. Signatures were tough to get for sure."  

So, as you can see, Brian has had some experience working with ballot access in Pennsylvania. Most Pennsylvania lawmakers are quite happy with ballot access as it is, since it favors incumbents of both parties. "Only those who want to send the incumbents packing should be unhappy at the job our state lawmakers do in making it fair for normal citizens to run for office," Kelly said.

Candidates without ballot access In Pennsylvania as noted above may decide to conduct a write-in campaign. Unfortunately, write-in campaigns rarely meet with success. There are a few exceptions such as when Lisa Murkowski beat Joe Miller for Alaska US Senator in 2010. That means that if we do not want the same Congress and the same Senate that both operate against the people, we too can write in a patriot from Pennsylvania; and like Murkowski, he too can win. His name is "Brian Kelly." If Lisa Murkowski can win; so can Brian Kelly.  

"After having spent in the neighborhood of $10,000, mostly my own money in three failed campaigns, it may come as a surprise that I am ready to give it another go. As a write-in candidate for both 2016 and 2018, my plan this time is spend far fewer dimes.  Yet, I can't stand the thought of having only politicians who hurt America running for important offices in PA.  If you do not want the same losers running the government, please vote out anybody who is holding any office. No incumbents, please -- from either party!" 

"I am a citizen who loves America and my plan is to save our country from both the political class and the donor class. Together, they are in the process of systematically destroying America. Barack Obama, Matt Cartwright, and Bob Casey, Jr. are in their ranks. None of them care about Pennsylvania or Pennsylvanians. They say that we cling to our religion and our guns. They have all contributed to the demise of the USA with their love for illegal immigration and their far reaching regulations that have crippled our economy. It is my deep love for this Country as much as I see that our politicians do not, that motivates me to put my hat in two rings at the same time. Therefore, I am making the following announcement:" 

"This year, 2016, I am running for the US Congressional Representative seat in the PA 17th District. In 2018, I am also running for the US Senate seat from Pennsylvania. Matt Cartwright is the current incumbent in the House. His term is over for good (hopefully) at the end of 2016. When Bob Casey Jr. steps down from office at the end of his second term in 2018, with your grace, I will have served one full term in the House of Representatives. Then, I will be sworn into office as a US Senator on January 3, 2019. This will be for a six-year term ending on January 3, 2025. That is my plan."

Brian wants to tell you some of the reasons why he is so intent on running for both offices. Running for both at the same time is his idea and it is so that he can be better known in both races and when elected, he can make a greater impact for the people: 

"Bob Casey and Matt Cartwright might as well be Obama clones.  These two "representatives" have no original thoughts as they are plugged into the Obama way 100%. From whichever Party you hail, Democrat or Republican or other, as long a you love America, finally we have all agreed that Obama's policies from the last seven years and into 2016 are destroying our wonderful country. We have just one year left to survive the BHO travesty and he will be gone. I sure hope we make it without further damage. But we may not--unless the people of our great country stay awake. We cannot believe the drivel and the outright lies coming from the corrupt US press. By now, we all know that Obama has no plans to help Americans regardless of how the press props him up. But, this current President does have about a year left to finish destroying the country.

Our country has already been sufficiently weakened. We must clean out all (not just some) of the corrupt anti-American politicians in Washington, DC. Senator Casey and Representative Cartwright must be removed from office through the natural election process.  Both have a sickening solidarity on many issues that are not favored by regular people in Northeastern PA. Few in NEPA, for example, appreciate Obama's attacks on the second amendment and his do-nothing response to terrorism. Check out the list below about how these two legislators are expected to vote this year, regardless of how we the people feel about these important issues:

Both are 100% for Obamacare even though it costs taxpayers more.
Both are happy giving the IRS and the NSA more power over citizens.
Both want you to pay huge taxes just to sell your inherited parents' property.
Both are against US energy independence.
Both want the EPA to shut down all coal plants & increase energy costs.
Both want to keep spending money we do not have.
Neither want to limit Obama's executive power.
Both want same sex marriage -- not just civil unions.
Both are against a solid US space program-- No NASA as we know it!
Both are against Medicare; prefer a move to Obamacare for Seniors. 
Both are pro Obamacare as the only US insurance.
Both endorse Obamacare penalties to younger, healthier Americans. 
Both are OK losing everything to Mideast terrorists.
Both believe PLO and Israel are equally dangerous.
Both support Obama's giving nuclear weapons gift and $billions to Iran. 
Both are pro Castro even when Castro is against US. 
Both are pro UN even when UN is against US. 
Both are pro terrorist rights & want same American Constitutional rights. 
Both want children of illegal immigrants to become citizens by decree. 
Both want illegal aliens to have government-subsidized healthcare.

Both support no raise in Social Security benefits for seniors.

Both want amnesty for Illegal aliens and expedited citizenship. 
Both love big government raise debt ceiling unlimited times no budget.  
Both want to raise taxes on taxpayers not receiving government help. 
Both love Common Core educational principals.   
Both want Feds to take over control of schools from the states
Both are OK with school districts being controlled by the feds.  
Both have no respect for 2nd Amendment.
Both are heavily into gun control and like Obama are OK with gun confiscation as in Australia.
Both are pro-choice and pro-mutilation of babies in the womb for profit.
Both have no problem with Planned Parenthood live baby dissections and sales of body parts.
Both want free birth control for the sexually active. 
Both see global warming a big threat to the environment; Science says the contrary.
Both are Anti-energy & no offshore drilling. Happy paying Mideast terrorists for oil and gas.

Feel free to go to their web-sites and ask them your favorite question. From what I have seen when you get the answer from one --- Obama, Cartwright, or Casey, you need not ask the other two.  

Keep the faith. Good Americans can defeat this tyranny in our midst.

About Brian W. Kelly,: 
Brian W. Kelly is a former IBM Senior Systems Engineer and Retired Professor of Business and Information Technology (BIT) at Marywood University in Scranton, PA. He was a candidate for US Congress from PA District 11 in 2010. Kelly was also a candidate running or Mayor in his home town of Wilkes-Barre PA in 2015. Brian still manages his own IT business ( You can check out his two campaign web sites at ( and These are both in the process of being rejuvenated for 2016 and 2018.

Thank you for being part of the quiet populist revolution to save America.