RRR: The Best Solution for America- Designed by an American

When I announced my candidacy to run against Robert P. Casey in October 2011 for the US Senate, I knew that it would be much more difficult than my local congressional venture in PA D-11. I had already examined the economic and job killing problems caused by the Barack H. Obama / Robert P. Casey Jr. administration, and I knew that with the proper plan, a good government could turn the economy around.

Have you noticed that neither the President nor Casey appears interested in helping people get back to work? You may know that when Obama came into office just 30% of the people paid no taxes. Now, that number is 47% and it is expected to soon pass 50%.This is not an accident. It is the Casey / Obama plan.

I am not prepared to accept that America should fail. So, in late 2011, after analyzing the problems with the economy and jobs, I developed a guaranteed solution that can help Americans beat the government and gain a real economic turnaround. The full plan comes with a bonus package of lots of jobs.

This is another big reason why I chose to run for the Senate originally and it is why I rejoined the race in late February, 2012. For six weeks, after I could not gain ballot access, my campaign was in limbo. During this time, I contacted every presidential candidate and the Senate Candidates, and several House candidates in Pennsylvania.  I offered them the RRR solution as their own with no credit required and no citations required for any of the material they would choose to “steal” for their own campaigns.

Though a number told me personally the ideas are good, they have their own campaign themes and so they chose not to adopt the RRR plan. This is very disappointing to me as the plan is guaranteed to save America from the devastation caused by the Obama Regime., Unfortunately, candidates want to take credit for creating their own solutions, and so none have chosen to adopt RRR as their own. Because I do not expect that any candidate will be adopting the RRR solution anytime soon, I have reentered the race as a write-in candidate. My goal is to popularize the RRR theme and convince the American people that it is the way to go. Being elected US Senator from Pennsylvania is clearly my best route to getting RRR viewed and accepted by Americans.  Once Americans are aware of this plan, they will demand it.

My plan is simply called RRR. Unlike former presidential candidate Herman Cain, whose plan was called 999, the RRR solution is much more comprehensive and it is designed to be effective in all economic realms. I know that Obama, who is a progressive ideologue would not accept RRR as he seems quite content with America failing with historic deficits and massive debts. Casey would ridicule it on behalf of his twin. Yet it is the right plan nonetheless. Though it addresses taxes as does Cain’s plan, it focuses on many more areas. All of these areas need to be addressed for US to turn our economy around and stimulate job creation.

The RRR plan reaches into many critical areas that are impeding economic growth. Every candidate’s short list includes taxes, regulations, immigration, and spending. In addition to these and more, the RRR plan suggests that we must again become a mercantilist nation, caring for America as the home country and caring for Americans rather than thinking all Americans are fat cats and simply redistributing our income and wealth.

I wrote a book that was designed to serve as my campaign theme. I called it RRR as the name is catchy and revealing. The book explains RRR in detail and it is a great read. I designed the book to explain each problem that we face, and then let’s solve it, one R at a time.

All of us have seen the first four parts of RRR in many other campaigns but all fall short on completeness. The brightest economists, who are not free-traders, would agree that if adopted in its entirety, RRR cannot fail. It is such a sure thing that we may have to increase the American birthrate to find workers for all the jobs that will be created by this unique plan. Is that not a problem we would all welcome?

Where did R-R-R come from? Most Americans look for problems first, and then they develop solutions to solve them. All of the R’s in R-R-R have to do with solutions. I submit that if you look at the second word in each of the defined R’s, such as reduced taxation, immigration, regulations, and spending, you can readily see the problem that the solution addresses. In most cases the verb is “Reduce” but some other R verbs in the plan include Raise, Revitalize, and Remember.

The problems in almost all cases are both obvious and numerous, yet only a few are addressed by the mainstream candidates. When I began to think about it, I found that the solutions were also obvious. We just have to have the mettle to make them happen. We are Americans and so mettle and grit should be no problem for US. However, those with their hands out looking for government largesse often block the view to a great solution.

All of my life, in my IBM career and in my own private IT consulting practice, nobody ever invited me in to analyze a problem that would solve itself. All my business life I have been a problem solver and it is the greatest job anybody could ever have. That notion does not necessarily apply to the home life, however. My wife, for example, gets upset sometimes when she merely tells me about a little problem at home and she sees my problem solving genes perk up. I come up with more solutions than even I can remember, before she can say, Stop! Sometimes she just wants to air out her beefs with life and is not really looking for my logic.

I am somewhat frustrated with trying to convince people that there is a solution for our malaise. l know we can make America a better place in which to live if none of us have to worry about destructive people. Of course I mean the nasty political class, who care less about America each time they are reelected. All but the ideologues and the self-serving care about America! In my first run for US Senate ballot access, I was ready to do my best to help our US Senate work for the people of Pennsylvania and our great country. Now that I am back with a write-in campaign, I know we can find better leadership than Bob Casey Jr. and I hope all of you come out to vote to assure that happens.

"Before I close this essay on problem solving with RRR, I would like to give my opinion on how my campaign was going before I initially withdrew in January. Then, I will talk a bit about the future and the write-in campaign.

Americans need to sharpen their eyes, ears, and especially their nasal passages as we all can smell a bad politician. When Michele Bachman said she was not a politician in her departing speech after Iowa; I believed her implicitly. What a well-spirited lady. She would make a fine President. I wondered myself since I am not a politician, how could I convince anybody of that when I decided to run for elected office?

I figured out the answer. The true definition of a politician is someone, who once elected, plans their reelection. My life plan never included running for any office. After losing in my Congressional campaign, I did not really intend to run again for Congress or any other office. However, when I noticed that a US Senate Seat now occupied by Robert P. Casey Jr. was coming available in 2013, I chose to throw my hat in the ring.

Most Pennsylvanians who are paying attention know that Casey Jr. is not doing the job. In many ways, unbridled politicians are despicable. They are responsible for having placed America on the brink. Americans are not dummies. We vote for diplomats and intellectuals, and worldly smart people, but yet we get politicians in return. These politicians either start off bad or become corrupt from too much time in office. Over time, they lose their moral and ethical compass, and they stop caring for the people who depend on them so much.

They have been more than passively complicit in letting America fall apart while they have been feathering their own nests with the spoils of their campaign victories. Most of us see it as simply disgusting. Those who are not intentionally knaves are incompetent to a fault. That just about defines America’s problems in a nutshell. Politicians either cannot or will not do their jobs, and regular Americans, after each and every election lose more of America to political corruption.

Politicians live by their connections and their purpose is not to lead; it is to be reelected. They find sources of financing and more often than not, they will do anything to assure those dollars come in, even if it is not in the interests of the people (We the People) who hired them. Consequently, they amass huge war chests of campaign donations, designed to make it easier for them to achieve ballot access and reelection. Once on the ballot, with their funding, they do not even have to think up their own messages. They hire the best spinmeisters to cast campaign messages that are often not in synch with their inner feelings but they will sound good to their constituents.

In other words, politicians spend a lot of money lying and twisting the truth to get reelected. When I was attempting to gain ballot access, I almost could not wait to find out what Bob Casey Jr. would have to say about me if the people eventually made the unknown Senator say something—anything. The stealth Senator may have thought he would be able to hide right through the April 24th primary but I don’t think the people of Pennsylvania would permit that? On the ballot, Casey Jr. must face Joe Vodvarka in the primary, and he is facing me as a write-in candidate.

Joe Vodvarka is a good man. In many ways he represents all of us real Democrats against Casey Jr. Let us remove Casey Jr. in the primary so that we know in November, only a good guy can win.

Other than being able to gain enough signatures to be on the ballot, my campaign was doing as well as expected when I was forced to drop out from achieving ballot access. My message is well engraved and I never took it down from my web site at www.kellyforussenate.com.

From the beginning, I responded positively to requests for personal appearances at rallies and forums, and I was ready to meet a lot of Pennsylvanians on the trail. In February, I began to make appearances again, having been invited to speak even while I was not a real candidate for US Senate. My finances are very low as candidates from the general population, not from the elites, get no free air time. Even Public TV and Public radio are not available to announce their candidacies since in many ways they both depend on incumbents for their funding. So, still pay for my own gas and oil and copying expenses and my plan is to continue to do so. However, it sure would be nice if more people chose to press the big green Donate button on my www.kellyforussenate web site.
It was a monumental challenge to have less than three weeks to get 4,000 signatures as a requirement for ballot access for the US Senate position. Pennsylvania requires 2000 signatures but Bob Casey Jr. has a well known proclivity to challenge nominating petitions. If I had gotten the 4000 signatures, it would have been difficult for Casey to have me thrown off the ballot. But, I expected him to try. I am surprised that he did not push Joe Vodvarka off the ballot.

Now that I am conducting a less expensive write-in campaign, and I do know it is even more difficult to win as a write-in contestant, I am counting on the people to force Bob Casey Jr. to debate Joe Vodvarka and myself on the public stage. Will the sitting Senator agree to do that. He has already ignored my request to debate but let’s see if the people can convince Casey Jr. it is in his own best interests.

Though Mr. Casey Jr. lives in my area of the state, I have never seen him anywhere.  Casey Jr. just doesn’t mix with regular folk like you and me. Hopefully, the people of Pennsylvania will say no to both Bob Casey Jr. and Barack Obama in the November elections.

The future:

I am putting out a press release as soon as it is finished to announce that I am rejoining the race as a write-in candidate. I am hoping that I can help educate the public about how to effect a write-in and that gives me a shot at defeating Bob Casey Jr. in the Primary.

More important than winning, however, is the adoption of the RRR plan. If, by the grace of God I prevail in the PA Primary, I will work in the Senate to assure that the RRR plan gets its fair hearing and I will work with conservative legislators to assure its passage. RRR is the path we need to reclaim our future as a country. If a Republican conservative candidate were to choose to adopt RRR as their campaign theme, as I have told them all, I would back their campaigns.

The RRR plan is that important for America, and my future months will be spent making the people of Pennsylvania and all of the American people aware of the plan so that it can be made law in the next Congress.

Thank you for your interest in my campaign and for your interest in the guaranteed winner for America – the RRR Plan.

Pennsylvanians should be assured that we can do a lot better than Bob Casey Jr.

So, why shouldn't we?

RRR is a solution for America’s problems built by a professional problem solver.