What motivates me to run for Office, and believe me, this is the second and the very last time, is that I know and you know that we can’t fix the problems in Washington by sending back the same people who created them. Of course I speak of politicians. I define a politician as a person who once elected, aspires to be re-elected and begins the re-election campaign on the day of inauguration.  Pennsylvania needs representatives who are of the people and for the people, who are not and who do not wish to be politicians. I know that I am not a politician, but because my name was out there two years ago, some may not see it that way.

I am a lifetime Pennsylvanian. You won’t believe how tough it is for me to try to convince somebody that I am not doing this for me. I must admit that it is disheartening that the same people, who would complain loud and long about entrenched politicians destroying our America, cannot recognize an honest, serious effort such as mine. The only thing I do not have and have never had is the funds to run an effective campaign.  I do have the will and the ability to help America if selected to do so.

I took on the challenge to run for Congress two years ago and at the time, I refused to take a dime because I believed and I still believe that the Founders did not create a country so that those willing to represent their peers should need to go broke in doing so. The process of soliciting money for one’s selfish political ends is distasteful to me and so I will not do it.

I spent just over $4,000.00 of my own money to run a campaign, and as soon as the election was over I was informed that I had lost my job as a University Professor for taking on the political chiefs in NEPA. I do not have another $4,000.00 to spend on anything right now.

I do have a Donate button on the front of my site. Here, by a simple click on this button, nameless, faceless donors can give endlessly as long as they are within government limits. I have asked all my family and friends to not contribute because they should not be saddled with an expense simply because a relative or friend of theirs chose to run for office.  If you do not know me as a friend or relative, you are welcome to pound that green donate button until you hit the max.  I can assure you that all donations will be accounted for properly but I will not even remember your name. I figure that if a regular Joe cannot run for office in this country and have like-minded regular Joe’s get behind him, then I would conclude that we get the government we deserve.

I do ask myself what is it that we are looking for if not one of our own to carry the flag and to bear the assault for us the rest of US? I have not figured it out; other than that perhaps all of us are hopeless. I hope not. Yet, while I am here lamenting of the trials and tribulations of trying to help one’s country, I am sure others are wondering how quickly the winter will come, and the heat bill will rise, and if it is really cold, does that not mean that we can all save electricity on the small amount of reserves left in the freezer—simply by placing it outside? These are tough times. My last employer was not very kind to me so I will mention their name. Marywood University even clogged up my opportunity to bridge the gap between no employment and the next job by blocking my ability to collect. So, I now have to sue just to receive unemployment compensation. Only if you, when you received your last UC check when times were tough, are embarrassed that you ever had to be on UC, I am not embarrassed either. I am a regular Joe, trying to help regular Joe’s if I can only reach them with my message.

My older brother Ed passed away last year. He was a big influence in my knowing that I was doing the right thing, putting myself out on the line. My younger siblings have enough to worry about so I don’t even ask them for help.  Yet, somehow, my slightly older sister Nancy, who my dad often said will get the whole family into heaven, tells me that I am David going against Goliath. I guess I am going to have to just find a few more good stones.

Don’t worry! I am not going to give it up but Pennsylvania does require 2000 signatures to get on the ballot and that is an awful lot. Bob Casey surely won’t give me any of his. Additionally, I find my wonderful cadre of loyal and excited workers from two years ago, not quite as excited as last time for they too are less financially secure. This time, in the three weeks the state gives to get the required petitions full of signatures, I may not be able to gain enough signatures to run. So be it if that is how it is. I learned a long time ago that the only thing we can do alone is fail. We’ll see. While my heart beats, I am hopeful.   

What does Kelly really have to offer is a deep and yet tough question!  For all Pennsylvania citizens, I offer you my promise to work for you, the people of this state, period. I will work in the same fashion that I have expected our mutual representatives of the past to work for all of us. I will work so that the opinions of regular Pennsylvanians will count in Washington, and I will be a major advocate for state’s rights.
Let me assure you that my goal is not to become a career politician. Actually besides an early death, it is the last thing I want. As I look into the future, as I noted above, this is the last time I will run for public office. Trying once for US Congress and now for the US Senate, I have put myself on the line for my country. Elected or not, I will have done my time.

The worst that may happen to me by running for the US Senate is that you may choose somebody else. I would only ask that you make your choices slowly and make them for the good of America and not for any individual politician.
We all want two honest representatives in the Senate who are for the people. I hope to be one of those representative but I am just as willing for it to be another regular person who wants what is best for Pennsylvania and the United States. The people of Pennsylvania will decide in April and again in November, who should occupy the available one of the precious two Senate Seats reserved for Pennsylvania. I would be honored to be the Democratic Senator from Pennsylvania.
I am available and right now, it looks like I am your best choice in April, when I run against the incumbent Robert P. Casey Jr. Regardless of whether you choose to elect me as your Senator in November, the only path to bringing good government back to this country is to defeat Robert P. Casey and his progressive, big government, Marxist ideas in April—as soon as we can. My recommendation is that Pennsylvanians get this duty done early. April 24 sounds like the best day.
Let me tell you a little bit about myself now so that you know that I am a regular guy, and though regular, I am still a very capable person. I know I did a bit of whining in the beginning of this essay but that is simply because I am a human being.
In my most truthful moments of self meditation, I do say to myself, why should I run for elected office? It is not an easy task. It is not without risk, and it is not, in my case, even close to having a probability of success.  My wife, who knows everything about me, knows that I am not interested in living in Washington and being away from Pennsylvania. She asks me continually if this is something I really have to do. Would I not be fine staying in Pennsylvania, complaining to my cronies about how things are and how they should be if I chose not to run or if you choose not to elect me? I know I have to keep going because it is because it is my time. I would never have done this ten or twenty years ago, though I would recommend regular men, such as I should step up earlier to keep politicians from running our lives. 
Will I have done my part in life to see a country falling apart, and to take no action to help it survive?  I ask myself when I get frustrated with my own representative and my own Senators: If not me, then who? The bottom line for me is that I am as reluctant to run for office as you are. I am probably just older and I think it's time for me to help America because I believe I can. Instead of asking why to this calling; I now say, why not?
Yes, if elected I will serve. I can assure you that I will work as hard for the people of Pennsylvania and the rest of the US as I have always hoped my US representatives and Senators would have worked for me. And I am not talking about delivering a load of pork to the state—just honest service to help us all.

Do I expect to get elected?

One of the stark realities I have learned in my travails is that politics even if you just skirt the edge and get on the ballot as I did, are still dirty and there are lasting consequences to the notion of a John Doe running for elected office.
You may not believe this and I am not sure I do either but I will tell the story as it is worth checking out. Some of my good Scranton friends tell me that I was fired (job was eliminated) from my Assistant Professorship at Marywood University two weeks after the general election in 2010 simply because I had run for Congress and Marywood may have offended some of its big donors. They think that Marywood was embarrassed that one of its employees ran for Congress against a benefactor from the government.
Some of my friends tell me that the reason that Marywood blocked my receiving unemployment compensation was so that I could learn a big political lesson. I surely do not know the real reason but I feel the pain of this bad economy and my own unemployment as much as anybody else. I have tried to get jobs as many on UC have done but to no avail.
Consequently, in this campaign, I do not have a huge advertising budget but the www.kellyforussenate.com site does accept campaign contributions so those who like regular mugs to pug it out against the pros, can help me do so with a small click on the green button. I’d like to buy some signs, some advertising, and some T-shirts for supporters. Though sometimes I get down as I see only small light ahead, I plan to stay in the race through the duration. Even Democrats that hear my message like the notion of conservatism in this day and age after tasting the works of the socialist hard left for the last five years.
So, to answer the question in just a few words, Yes, I do think I will win the primary and then get elected because the people of Pennsylvania are paying attention and are looking for representatives of typical communities to represent them. Pennsylvanians have had enough of Washington cronyism and policies that hurt the people of this state. In a world in which the people have had enough of dirty politics, I even see myself as the ideal candidate. If we can keep the playing field level, maybe regular Joe’s can continue to be part of the PA and US landscape.
The Politician’s violations of the public trust are flagrant. Yet the biggest violations come when our elected representatives sell out to lobbyists for personal favors. Senators and Congressmen and Congresswomen are not honorable or the country would be in far better shape. Many of those in office are corrupt. They cannot see themselves that way just as when they tried to bump Mr. Smith out of Washington. Many are simply bums and we should throw them out in each election. We cannot even conceive of such evil people, yet they are and they prove it when they huddle in Washington against America.
There are many good men and women in our communities who would be pleased to do what is right for America rather than enrich themselves. If our legislators were as honest as they would like us to believe, they would take oaths to never speak with lobbyists who slant their opinions and provide a lot of gravy. What does Brian Kelly offer in contrast to Bob Casey and the horde of corrupt politicians who are ruining our country while running it from Washington D.C.?
What does Brian Kelly have to offer?
Without addressing any specific issues, I can promise the following:
1. Honesty (I can't stand liars.)
2. Scaredness (Yes, I will be as scared in the chambers as I was in my first classroom, and I will be afraid to not do exactly what is best for my constituents).
3. A quivering voice at times (It goes with 2 above! When you care an awful lot about something, sometimes the speech may not be smooth)
4. Love of Pennsylvania a Pennsylvania citizen's perspective (I've been here all my life)
5. A voice in the Senate to represent the interests of the citizens of Pennsylvania NEPA, and all Americans when appropriate on national matters.
Please do not give up on Pennsylvania and do not give up on the US. Once you get accustomed to not giving up, I would be pleased if you would not give up on me. I am Brian Kelly, a regular Joe.  I am running for the Senate of the US because both you and I are fed up with the lack of concern for America that our most important lawmakers project to us. We can do better!