The EPA loves Mother Nature but is not very fond of human beings!

During his  speech announcing a run for the US Senate against incumbent Robert P. Casey Jr. at Fisher’s Barney in on October 21, 2011 in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania, in response to a question, Brian Kelly introduced the first three prongs of his now infamous RRR plan for economic recovery and job creation. Each prong of course is represented by a solitary letter, “R.”. Even before that, Kelly had begun to address his campaign against the major over-regulations, from which Americans suffer in business and in their personal lives. 

Kelly hails from Wilkes-Barre and both his campaign announcement and his RRR plan were greeted by the Democrats and Republicans with abundant applause. Nobody wants government in control of their lives. Earlier in the week, Kelly had similar outings in Philadelphia and Harrisburg where he received the endorsement of the Independence Hall TEA Party and the Independence Hall TEA Party PAC.

Upon his return from the week of announcements and endorsements, in addition to beginning his work on a book reflecting the salient notions of his campaign, which he called RRR, available on this site for free, Kelly read and reread the book he had in progress and which was almost completed. This earlier book was titled, Kill the EPA, the book which we are now discussing. We have a lot more to say about Kill the EPA, right here an this site. Take the link to read it. 


Michele Thomas, who has more design talent than one person should humanly possess designed the cover for Kill the EPA. The cover is a masterpiece and it is being published by the Internet Publisher, Lets Go Publish Publishers. LGP majors in print reproductions of their Internet works. The cover design is shown in two parts (front, and back) on the right side below.

This fall was a period of inspiration for Mr. Kelly as it was just in the beginning of October that he had begun writing the EPA book, and just at the end of November that he had finished this book. In a nutshell, it is about the over-regulation of the United States business community. In this book, titled, Kill the EPA, Kelly outlines a number of areas in which the EPA is stifling opportunities for US industries to prosper and in which government is preventing the creation of jobs for us all.

Why worry about eliminating the EPA?

In the 1960's people in Los Angeles could not breathe. America was becoming affluent and for the first time many families had two cars or more. Gas was less than 20 cents a gallon. Nobody cared if the smoke out of the back of the car was white, clear, or black. The Freeways were great; but even the Beach Boys could not light-up as the air was so bad that either they or their cars would blow up. Poof! One day the worst happened. More than twenty people were killed on the freeways and none were involved in an accident. They simply could not breathe with all the smog. That's how bad it was. California SMOG was on the news every night. The US and California took action, and just like you might see in the movies, a new entity was born, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It was conceived by President Nixon and its job was to report to the President so that American could recover from what were obviously bad steps that had been taken to enable the mobility of Americans.

Congress could not wait for the EPA to fully come on board so they passed a few acts, the last one being the Clean Air Act!  and poof, the air was clean. Well, not exactly but it was on its way to being clean, and today, Californians are so picky that no wheezing is allowed period. If you wheeze, they think you are mocking the sixties. California's air standards are the strictest in the nation and even the EPA lets other states use California's instead of the national standards. There is a lot of good breathing going on. Yet, nobody rejoices about these major accomplishments.

The EPA was just a few people back then and with Congress on their side, things got done. Think of these good natured lovers of nature camped in an old wooden sided station wagon known as a Woody back then and now, all of a sudden here we are in 2011. Out of that Woody, there are now 18,000 of these folks and they are always upset about something you or I are doing.

They seem to hate mankind and love Mother Nature . They blame humans for pollution and sins against nature. Barack Obama gave them immense power to regulate outside of Congress. So, today, they determine stuff for us like what light bulbs we can use and other important matters. They seem to be heading into our bathrooms but we’ll see.

When they made the air clean, they should have just gone away with a minimal whimper. However, they want to control you and I and the things we do.  They would like our economy to be structured so Mother Nature could be selected as a leader ahead of the President whoever is elected. According to the EPA, nature alone should be permitted to prosper. Not you, not I, and not anybody else who pollutes in any way.

Walmart, K-Mart, and Macy’s  claims that Mother Nature is not a big shopper. She has never been seen in any of the stores. But, even Walmart knows that the EPA, once perfect in the sixties, is now ruining the America we love. The pendulum is on the other side. The EPA is definitely out of control. After offshoring and Obamacare, the biggest reason there are no jobs is the EPA. This book helps you know about the EPA and how it has outlived its usefulness and why this job preventing agency must be shut down!

Kelly wrote this book about the EPA to help Americans know how bad the EPA has become in preventing America and Americans to live normal lives. Brian is frustrated with the devastation that the EPA would be pleased to cause in so many areas of life important to humans, such as heat, light, and food. So, quite simply, it is time to Kill the EPA and Kelly tells you exactly why and how in this book. – So we can survive!

Brian W. Kelly is one of America's most outspoken and eloquent conservative spokesmen. He is the author of Taxation Without Representation, Obama’s Seven Deadly Sins, Americans Need Not Apply, RRR and many other books. Like many Americans, Brian is fed up with the progressive / Marxist agenda in Washington that places the needs of everyone and everything, in front of the needs of Americans.

So, quite simply, it is time to include in any pan, the notion that before anything is clean Americans must be able to live. Kelly tells you exactly why and how in this book. What good does it do any of us if the mountain is .000000001 cleaner and yet there is no food to eat?

Most of this book is available on this site for free for your reading pleasure. If you find a chapter in the Table of Contents that you would like to read online, feel free to send Brian an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will either send you the chapter via email or post it online.

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