Chapter 6


Reduce Spending







If you no got it, you should no spend it!


With all the fuss put up in the Summer 2011 battle over raising the debt limit, if Congress and the President were not lying, one would have believed that something good would have come out of it. Conservatives, Democrats and Republicans alike, were watching the Republicans in Congress since they had established themselves as the only group of people who believed as I do that we cannot continue spending like drunken sailors, no matter how good the rum tastes.


As predicted in the debt ceiling battle, the Republicans who were supposedly representing conservatives caved under pressure. They forgot their roots. It is much easier to do easy things than difficult things. So, under that set of rules, with weak Republicans representing conservative interests, the conservatives were destined to lose.  


The master wins all battles against an inferior team. Obama is a master of all things that can be shaped like a campaign. He is really impressive when nothing important is on the table. Obama is the master of all things political, though he fails miserably on substance. The debt ceiling was a political battle with an aroma just like a campaign battle. Obama does not lose campaign battles because he is the master of deceit.


In fact, in the sordid world of Obama, the President was concerned more about the photo ops as the savior of America, which can be used for his campaign, rather than the actual substance of the debt ceiling battle.


The campaigner in chief is always just one teleprompter away from his next victory. In August 2011, He needed to show just how presidential he was in scaring the elderly into submission during the debt crisis. At sixty-three I was not affected but there were some in my age group who felt like they were affected and they were intimidated by Obama. Most of my cohorts, however, Democrat though they may be, blamed Obama for the scare tactics and they blamed Democrats for the spending that is crippling the country.


Unfortunately, there were also many who believed the spender in chief was being truthful. When he cannot spend, Obama creates one scenario uglier than the next threatening whoever he can in whatever way he can. All the while he does this, his split tongue blames Bush, the Republicans, or the Congress. Obama is never to blame as he is faultless to a fault. He’d be blaming Herman Cain if it would help him; even now that Herman Cain has been pushed out by the Obamaguard. Obama never said a bad word about Cain because he knew that type of spin would come back to bite him. Yet, Obama sent his “best men” out to destroy Cain, who would have beaten him in a clean race, and they did exactly that. The master attempts to victimize anybody who he thinks needs his magic; but he first assures himself that they won’t bite back. Cain’s teeth are gone.


The elderly, who are convinced they need government to assure their rights to collect their due, did not know they were being used but nonetheless they acted as if trained according to Obama’s plan. They became part of the Obama stage and when he mentioned the fly in the ointment, as predicted, they immediately went for the swatter. Obama then called out the flies one by one and they all had Republican sounding names. Telling the truth is really tough when your name is Obama.


On the debt crisis, the President, the liberals in Congress, and the main stream media scared the heck out of the elderly—at least those whose relatives could not help them sort it out.  Shame on Obama et al!.


You may recall that the new Rambo in chief, after his big military wins actually tried to scare the military. He said it would be the military and the elderly that would not be paid if the debt ceiling were not increased. Shame on Obama again!


The military recognized that he was not Rambo. Instead, he was the ole prevaricator in chief and he was unsuccessful on that count as hard as Obama tried to intimidate the US military. No matter what he does, he will not get the votes of our patriots in the military, because they are smarter than a president who has decided to be a liar in chief.


When trying to create a solution to the debt ceiling. there were the usual Democrat threats of no social security or military checks and other assorted Obama campaign notions from his all-purpose campaign grab-bag. In the panic, Republicans, who need a lot more training in defending their allies from Democratic psychological warfare inflicted on them by the Obama minions, gave into a deal that does not even begin to address the government spending problem at all.


Yet, the American public, guided by a corrupt media, thought the Republicans had won a victory. That is how good Obama is at campaigning. People who know he lies get convinced that he is telling the truth. When will we ever learn?


The point as I view it is that Americans lost again as Obama won the debt ceiling victory and he is prepared to win all battles with the very weak Republicans. Obama will be taking bows for a long time as if he saved the day when the debt clock almost ran out. But, if you are a judge of character, you already know he is a phony. If you can’t judge character, go to somebody you really trust and gain their perspective. It will help in the long haul as Obama tries to undermine all Americans to suit his progressive / socialist / Marxist agenda.


Obama is the best at hiding the truth. When it was all over, it appeared with the help of the corrupt press that Obama had rescued the American people and he had extracted another compromise from the Republicans, apparently to benefit America. Yet, the opposite occurs each time Obama dons the winners cap. . When looking at the details of this deal, four large concerns rise to the top. None benefit regular Americans. Here is the deal:


1. The debt limit rises by as much as $2.4 trillion. It permits the debt to grow by $7 trillion over the next decade. One must ask, which brainiac Republican signed up for that deal?


2. A new, 12-member “super-committee” with the power to force major tax increases through Congress came into being. The risk for conservatives is that dangerous national security cuts may be unavoidable. For Democrats, they will probably just hand over the Bush Tax cuts again. They like keeping the tax cuts in limbo so they can use them again and again and again to win the day from the not-too-astute Republican “fighters.” Before this book went to press, the Super Committee took its bows and claimed victory. Meanwhile the country lost an opportunity.


For Democrats the one-year extensions of the Bush Tax cuts, have been the gift that keeps on giving. Republicans appear first as dumb, and then when we see the movie, they appear “dummer.” The continual prize is the retention of the Bush Tax cuts. Now, is that not a good reason for nothing to ever be labeled as temporary?


Newsline Dec. 2011: The committee could not come up with one law or one recommendation because they think they have Americans by the wallakers. Congress failed miserably again.


3. Supposedly if Republicans signed onto the Obama deal, the AAA bond rating would continue and the Republicans bought that argument or at least could not defend themselves. Don’t forget they came to meetings unarmed and they were dueling with the guiltless prevaricator in chief. In just days after the debt deal, Republicans learned that they were buffaloed again.     S & P downgraded the AAA rating anyway. Maybe Obama was only kidding! Surely, it was not a lie!


4. As hard as they tried (not hard enough) the conservatives also lost on the promise to balance the budget. I almost don’t want to explain it since it is so childish. The best I can say is that it was mentioned in the negotiations. However, the staunch Republican negotiators representing the conservative faction forgot that it was important enough to make part of the agreement.


The best explanation I heard of how dumb the Republicans are when supposedly fighting for America is that they insisted on a dollar of spending cuts for each dollar of debt ceiling increase.


This really sounded like a good deal but when the Democrats signed up so quickly, the play could not be reviewed in the booth. Since the spending cuts are over ten years and the debt increases are immediate, in essence for each dollar on the national debt clock, Republicans settled for ten cents. Is it possible that American Citizens can field a new team of conservatives for the next negotiations?


OK, so big deal, the conservatives looking to keep America solvent lost a battle against the elderly, the media, the Congress, and Obama. Now what? Unless, Republicans can begin to think while on duty, or at least listen to bright conservatives, many lost battles loom in the future.


Monty Pellerin, writing for American Thinker offers exactly the words I would have used if I had not seen this first hand and then seen his words before I offered my own thoughts. Please listen to Monty:


“There will soon be a crisis affecting US citizens beyond any experienced since the Great Depression. And it may happen within the year…Unlike the Great Depression, however, we will enter such a shock in a weakened state, with few producers among us and record mountains of debt. More cataclysmic is the specter of inadequate food, as less than 4% of us farm ...”


The best I can say is that even though I do farm with 40 beautiful tomato plants, at this time of year, I only have my seventy-five bottles of homemade V-6 juice to keep me going. This Congress and the last Congress sold us out to the lobbyists but Obama claims he is not for sale. He already sold his soul to the progressive / Marxist store years and years and years ago. Try to get an audience with anybody who is not progressive / Marxist!


The sixteen tons of Obama would be regulated by his rules as all farm by-products are regulated. Since it would be the regulations put forth by the EPA, and / or the FDA, Obama knows he would be the winner in charge. Unlike in the tradition in which Alfred E. Neuman ran for President; Obama actually got elected. He sure is the president. The similarities, unfortunately for America, are alarming.


Maybe, for Americans, no government agency at all should regulate what is the best for America! But, people, ordinary citizens of the Republic must also have to decide to be honest.


The bottom line is that Obama and the Congress must stop spending. The raw truth is that neither wants to stop spending. They can’t even agree to slow the growth in spending from one year to another. The Senate has decided that it knows that Obama is right. The House knows Obama is wrong. And, Obama knows Obama is right.


Since Obama is so wrong about the damage that his excess spending is doing to America, there is no other way to solve the problem than for the United States to become a country whose main leader is not Obama. While we are at it, we can also flush out the toilet,whoops! Senate—but that is the right verb. Don’t you think?


Make a flush sound as often as you can.