Chapter 10

Obama Is the Master Game Player


Congress does not know how to win!

Congress is the source of our problems—not the solution—especially when the President is a winner-takes-all player and he plays the voter sales game so well. He is so adept at winning conversations, speeches, and debates that most Americans know Congress will lose each time he is in the game. In between skirmishes, Congress chooses not to gain the skills to beat him. He is surely a gamesman of the finest caliber, and no Congress has ever seen the likes of this President.

Unfortunately, Obama has no substance and the conservatives do not know how to even suggest that he is a shill in debate, without appearing to beg the argument. Since the President does have this inglorious power of persuasion, if only he cared about Americans, we might not be having this conversation.

The fact is Obama cares nothing about real Americans or real life. He lives in a Rod Serling twilight zone of perceptions. He is not concerned about being a real president, and he proves it every day. But, at the end of the day, Obama has the uncanny talent to convince many Americans that despite his not looking out for them that day, he is their only hope for tomorrow. He is just so well practiced at it that many buy it. His essence in fact depends on the people buying his game.

So, when he engages with his kindergarten ideology, which no one in Congress is willing to take-on effectively, inevitably Obama wins the day because his energy is superior, and his fervor to win is unmatched. Obama never runs out of the juices he needs to continue campaigning. Americans see him battling everyday and they admire him for that simply because we are all taught to stick with it—don’t give up. Obama never gives up and he has more lives than the strongest cat.

Sticking with it and not giving up is the Obama way. It is extremely effective. The first time Americans hear his nonsense, it sounds like nonsense. After a hundred more times it sounds like facts that they have heard before. This makes Obama very dangerous and very difficult to marginalize. People may get sick of seeing him on TV but somehow, he keeps at it incessantly and somehow, it is very effective for him.

Conservatives ought to find out why this is so and create an effective strategy to stop Obama baloney from becoming the accepted standard for purity.

In each appearance, there is no improvement. He is armed with the same foolish and illogical stuff but he actually transcends the asininity of his message. Normal Americans cannot fully analyze all of his empty rhetoric. Nobody in history has ever been able to lie so well. All together the package most often sounds good.  So, many buy it without analysis.

Those who pay attention hate his message, but even these Americans admire his tenacity. Obama takes fire and he is still standing. It is the only thing American about Barack Hussein Obama. He is not willing to give up on Barack Hussein Obama. He believes 100% in Barack Hussein Obama. He is obviously narcissistic but he is very effective at the same time.

That certainly does not mean he is a good president, but it shows that Obama is the most important thing Obama has ever encountered. Somehow, that form of confident delivery is the message structure for which conservatives have no answer. An answer must be found or I fear Obama drivel will be able to conquer reason.

Earth to conservatives: You are losing and nothing substantial is on the table because gamesmanship is beating you. Figure out what you need to do to get ordinary Americans to demand the gamesman in chief to put something real on the table to discuss.

One additional suggestion:  Obama and his surrogate the EPA would be pleased to place anything on the table after he has won the battle.  Watch out, the fight will be very unfair. The only thing conservatives have on their side is the truth, which by itself is unconvincing. When Obama lies, most believe he is telling the truth. That is a big problem for conservatives. Somebody out there in the conservative world is smart enough to build a strategy to defeat Obama rhetoric, and it needs to be done quickly.

This President has great political resiliency. Even when he is buried, I have seen him rise again to destroy conservatives with his rhetoric. Eric Holder and the EPA are his enforcer units so they stay no matter what and it is Congress—even with the fall 2011 EPA legislation, who will begin to doubt themselves and I fear that the fervor of Obama will again win the day. No wonder America is disappointed with Congress. Obama slaps them around every day and they do not know how to combat his poignant jabs.

In Pennsylvania, Obama gets lots of help and it really assists him with the regular people. I suspect he has surrogates in all states who are supposed to be members of Congress but like the children, they too are mesmerized by the Pied Piper of Chicago. Each time he is needed for an extra boost, for example, our Senator from Pennsylvania, Bob Casey Jr. rises to the occasion to assure the people of Pennsylvania that Obama is the real deal and it is circumstances, not substance that make the President appear to be failing. For those of us really tuned in, we know Obama has no substance and he is failing without doubt.

If you are not paying attention, it is easy to buy the Casey balderdash!

Each time Obama wins, the EPA wins and the people lose.

Obama, as he is losing appears to many to be a winner while the conservatives, who really are winning appear to many to be losing. It is a matter of energy, consistency, and an overwhelming desire to win. The Obama people are trained more than likely by football coaches to never die until the biggest game is well over and it is tucked away in the win column.

Obama looks at each of the little issues as some coaches’ view the unimportant games before the big games. But, their training says that they cannot afford to lose even a scintilla because each little piece adds up cumulatively to become something substantial. Conservatives need to go to the same trainers as the Obama team.

The Obama’s never seem to accept anything other than positive press from any media, anywhere. The media is on notice that Obama takes no negative press. They liberal press loves him anyway and they hardly ever report the truth.

The conservatives seem to evaluate the value of the loss when the media slanders them, and if it is small, they don’t argue with the press, even when they are right. Obama argues when he is wrong and he argues immediately, and thoroughly, and is unrelenting until he wins. Right or wrong does not matter. Winning is all important to Obama. His compulsion to win is so strong, I’ll bet he beats Malia and Sasha in Parcheesi and Checkers. All other things being equal, regardless of the facts, Obama’s persistence wins.

That is the only reason why a guy with such a miserable record as president can stand in front of the American people and brag about how well he is doing. He tells lies so well because he believes them. Potential next election voters, many of whom are asleep, think the great prevaricator, is the man with the truth. Those conservatives bearing the truth have little chance against such a master liar.

That makes Obama tough to touch when there is no substance in the debate or when he has the last word. He and his team are the most formidable campaign opponents who anybody on the side of righteousness and justice could ever conceive of having to compete against. From day one of his term, Obama has been campaigning. Eventually, you get pretty good at what you do when you do it all the time. A lousy president, he is for sure, but he is the greatest campaigner of all time. Forget about the issues for awhile. On the issues, conservatives win. The Obama rhetoric is really the problem. It is tough to defeat the master of rhetoric but it is vitally important.

By the time he is finished, Obama, with his split tongue and his team, without regard for the people they affect, care about one thing—winning the game.

Unfortunately, because conservatives see the Obama game as reality, they are not as prepared to compete and thus, the unprepared conservatives, as expected, inevitably lose the game. And, when inevitably that happens, America also loses.

Can Americans be persuaded again in 2012, by snake oil and snake charm to forget about all the times they said the “guy is a jerk” and “bad for America?”  It is dangerous to say “no” as the answer to that question. If he orders the EPA to hold off on the light bulb regulations and he promises a little something for everybody—something everybody thinks they need—as a post election gift, will Americans get sucked in and say: Bravo, Obama is the man?

Of course the contingency for any Obama gift is that Obama wins the presidency. But, one must be paying attention to know that. Will the promise of having Obama in office again mean some people will have more, rather than less in their stomachs? You know which way the prevaricator in chief will move the public. Expect it; defend it; and defeat it!

It is a masterful strategy to “lead from behind,” and take credit for all the gains and complain about all the losses. Having the EPA run the bad messages through the press so the White House can remain aloof is also a great strategy. It makes Obama appear presidential and not like the puppet master we really know he is—the master behind the EPA.

So, conservatives who really agree that the “EPA must be killed,” need to understand they are dealing with the master of persuasion, Barack Hussein Obama. They must be well armed intellectually and strategy-wise to engage, in order to have a chance at success. If Obama wins all the little battles, the conservatives will lose the big battles and the EPA will survive and therefore, America will not survive.

Of course there is always the hope that the people of the United States, who love the country, are greater in number than it appeared they were when the Obama vote count was tallied in 2008. The people, when united for a cause, can stop anything when the people pay attention. But, if the message comes only from the media, there may be a big problem in 2012. Obama may become the next president because real Americans may think it is OK to sleep when boring politicians are speaking.

Might there be a psychologist somewhere who can train conservatives to win when faced with a talking blank page of paper—BHO, a handsome head with no substance? So far, I agree with the fine couple from Seattle. I have yet to see a person in Congress ready to face and beat the campaigner in chief. It takes an awful lot of energy.

I would suggest to Congress that it add the kind of staff that the President has for its outside communication efforts. This should include multiple press secretaries and strategy analysts so that Congress has people working full time just like the President has. Having the Speaker or other ranking conservative members of the House or Senate do all the talking may help at times, but Obama’s message needs to be defeated every single day. The Congress cannot govern the nation from Congress (a huge committee) every day and also have an answer to the Obama senseless snipe of the day. It is a full time job for a full time staff.

As a point of fact, when I informed the folks from Seattle that I was running for the Senate, they repeated the same charge for my benefit. I am unproven and so far at least, unelected. However, I clearly understood that this sample of America wants a Congress that is not concerned about their inept leadership but instead care about the courage of their own convictions. I think when I take my seat, I will be ready for the big fight but I can understand why nobody in America thinks Congress-- House and Senate-- are worth two cents.