The Casey / Obama Record

Casey Jr. purports to represent Pennsylvania while his report card says something else. The man is so deep into Obama’s camp that even if he loses his Senate race, and I hope to help him in that regard, he may be seen for years after his loss, still hanging onto Obama’s coattails looking for more orders.

One thing for sure, from my examination of the Senator’s record, future generations will not find his name in the archives of senators who have significantly helped Pennsylvanians.

Those, who know the Senator’s record, have a lot to say about him and those who pay attention are not very pleased with that record. Here is an Internet quote from a blogger that sums up much of the sentiment:

“… just look at his voting record since he got to Washington. He [SIC] name may as well be Obama.”

Obama and Casey are a team in Washington, for sure. Analysts find him in lockstep with the Obama agenda even when Obama is voting against the pro-life agenda. So, why does Bob Casey say he is pro-life when he is not? Is he a hypocrite? You will have to make that call.

Casey voted for the Stimulus (porkulus), and he voted for the bailouts, and he voted for the Healthcare fiasco, and this year, he blocked the repeal of Obamacare.  On top of that, every time an issue came up in the Senate, in which the choices were to spend or show restraint for the deficit and debt, Casey chose to back the Obama approach to tax and spend. 

Bob Casey Jr. does not represent Pennsylvania but he does represent his own interests and don’t let this get past you--- he is Obama’s main man in the Senate. The two are almost inseparable, and their ideology is so similar that Casey will follow Obama anywhere. Perhaps there is no real Bob Casey after all. Perhaps there is just the mythical Casey / Obama, a.k.a. Casey Obama who simply cannot get enough of the President’s coattails.

One might wonder why Casey comes off as a progressive liberal when his father was a man in the tradition of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Today, many agree JFK would be viewed as a conservative. One can conclude that despite the fact that Pennsylvanians are not progressive – meaning that government is the ultimate arbiter and God is no longer necessary-- the current Bob Casey does not seem to care what we think. He does not look to see what is good for Pennsylvania but he does look to see what would please Barack Hussein Obama. Is this because Obama is good for Pennsylvania?  Surveys show Pennsylvania does not think so.

Some Pennsylvanians, who express their views on various blogs, see the current Bob Casey (Casey Obama) as nothing more than a shill for Obama as he is always standing by his side. Their views are strengthened by Casey’s record of being in lock step with Obama’s progressive/socialist agenda.

This agenda steals our tax dollars for every progressive pet project, such as killing the unborn, voting for unconstitutional laws, tarp money for bail outs, anti second amendment regulations and on and on. Moreover, it takes the income of hard working Pennsylvanians and tries to redistribute it to people “more worthy” than those who worked to earn it. 

In a blog I read recently, a Pennsylvanian was so upset he demanded the following:

“ Just check his voting record if you think these things are not true. Come out of your coma Pennsylvanian’s and shine the light on this tax spending leftist. This writer will be working hard to vote him out of office!”
Many are not sure where the love of Obama came from in the sequence of events that put Casey squarely out of the PA camp and into the Obama camp-- to love, honor, and obey.  There are a lot of articles and readers’ comments written about the Senator’s response to that question, and the answer apparently is that he was chiefly convinced to back Obama by his children's enthusiasm for the symbolism embraced by Obama’s “Hope and Change” candidacy.

In Casey’s case, he admits being persuaded by his four daughters because of all the hope and change rhetoric aimed at teenagers and other star worshippers. Bob Casey Jr. unfortunately paid no attention to the people of Pennsylvania who elected him as their Senator. Poll after poll showed that Hillary had a double digit lead over Obama in PA, and she eventually won the primary, yet Casey held with Obama steadfastly, much to the chagrin of many Democrats, including yours truly. Whether Pennsylvanians preferred Hillary or not; it did not matter to the elitist Bob Casey Jr. Casey believed he knew more than his constituents.  Like most Pennsylvanians I voted for Hillary as did my family.

So, why would it be that only the Senator’s daughters counted in his own local poll?  Did Casey give a darn about the other people who he served– those more immune to chicanery and electioneering tricks?  Did he ever check out what Pennsylvanians really thought before he went to the river, the streams, and the largest oceans in the world to carry Obama’s water into Pennsylvania?

You may not know why any intelligent man would listen only to his young daughters, but I know why and soon you will also. That man is either stupid, foolhardy, or he is lying. Unfortunately, I am forced to vote for the latter.

Do you think that Bill Clinton had anything to do with turning Casey away from endorsing Mrs. Clinton over Obama as 70% of Pennsylvanians wanted the former President’s wife? Heck, for years she vacationed near the Casey’s in the Scranton area in Pennsylvania?  Obama had no clue about Pennsylvania as we all saw by his big gaffe.

Can the Bill Clinton snub be the factor that very likely played the most important role in the Obama endorsement? I think we can rule out the factor being that “Casey / Obama” sounded so good that Bob Casey could not refuse the offer. And, if you are looking for another offer Casey could not refuse, he probably did not care with Obama that he would be invited to every hot and expensive White House party. No, Casey is not into hot parties and the answer to why is surrounded with more intrigue than any of those other possible explanations.

Does anybody believe that a mild mannered, likeable man, such as Robert P. Casey, Jr. actually would hold a family grudge?  My conjecture is the Obama endorsement has far more sinister roots and is more akin to those who feel that George Bush Jr. avenged the Saddam Hussein death plot on his father by taking on Iraq instead of focusing on Afghanistan. You tell me.

I know that as a Democrat and as a pro-life Pennsylvanian, I was outraged when I learned that in 1992, Casey's father was denied a spot at the DNC national convention because of his anti-abortion views. It was none other than President William Jefferson Clinton, a “don’t cross me” man himself who put the nix on Casey Sr. Clinton would not permit the possibility that he might be upstaged by Casey Sr. on the pro-life issue. Clinton would not permit a pro-life note to be played on his stage at the Democratic National Convention. Would our Bob Casey Jr. hold a grudge? Hey, he surely is not as principled as his dad, so who knows?

In 2000, Al Gore intentionally gave the Casey boys, Bob and his brother Pat, a spot to speak at the convention to "correct" the Clinton mistreatment of their dad. Casey Sr. had passed on in May 2000. The Dems had cooked up a film tribute to the late Governor, and it would look like there was peace in the Democratic Party if the boys would only come on stage to introduce the film and make nice.

Of course, neither of these staunch Roman Catholic sons of a major pro-life fighter would ask for an extra minute to speak of the pro-life cause, as like their father, they may have been shut down. However, they did accept the opportunity for their own moment of glory, bought for them by the DNC with the tribute film of their great Dad, Robert Casey, Sr.

Though the Casey boys chose to take the stage, rather than hurt their promising political careers, the sellout moment had to be bitter sweet, as they did nothing to aggrieve their father’s derision at the hands of the same DNC. OK, the tribute was nice! Do you think this bit of history has anything to do with Bob Jr.’s endorsement of Obama? Is it possible that the family embarrassment, not the fact that the Governor was not permitted to deliver his pro-life message was the big Casey family issue?  Did the Casey’s blame the Clintons?  The Clintons were in fact the perpetrators so if the Casey’s blamed the Clintons, it would have been blame well placed.

When the Clintons refused to allow his father to present the pro-life point of view, and all that embarrassment flowed to the family, was that the impetus for the Robert P. Casey Jr. Obama endorsement?  Was making life tougher for Hillary at the top of Casey’s reasons for giving up the family grudge after he endorsed Obama? Did he feel better when it was all over even though Obama lost Pennsylvania to Hillary in the Primary? 

Casey Sr. would have delivered a powerful speech at the 1992 Democratic Convention, and his being denied that opportunity was a blot on my party forever. Some people, including me, see the Casey Jr. power play as a proper retribution to the Clinton machine.

If it were my father, I would not have given the Clintons the endorsement either. But, I would not have remained neutral so long, and never, never, never, would I have stepped on that DNC stage in 2000. There was no apology from the Democratic hierarchy who had wounded their dad. The Casey boys, however got their day in the sun, and they were permitted to make brief remarks to a filmed tribute to their father. Did that make up for anything?

If the DNC had laid such a hurt on my family, after they offered my father no opportunity to engage Americans to stop the slaughtering of babies by factors measured in tonnage, I would not hide from the truth. The truth can set us all free. I can accept that Casey would not endorse a Clinton. I can accept that very easily. I could explain it if Clinton hurt my father. So, why did he lie? Why did he not tell us that was the reason?  Is he too weak in that little thing that makes a man a man to be an American leader? Where was his character? Why was his brother at his side?

When he went up on stage at Al Gore’s behest, and with Al Gore’s blessing that day, I said to myself, Bob Casey Jr. is a small man, and his brother is just as small. At the time I did not see him becoming a Senator. Quite frankly, I regret to say that I think Casey Jr. was elected in the same way the fraud Bob Casey was elected but the Ghostbusters were not called in since this was in fact, the Governor’s son. Would the Governor be proud? You make that call! 

Whether it is me or somebody else, Jimmy Hoffa Jr. would say, he has to be taken out. Since I don’t like Hoffa Jr. either, I won’t say that but I will say that Bob Casey Jr. may very well deserve the word Senator before his name. He may; but, only because like many Senators that came before him and who now live along with him in that nefarious body, which indeed lie and cheat and engage in untrustworthy behavior; Bob Casey Jr. may very well deserve the tainted gavel given him when sworn in from the leaders of this dishonored body. As a member of the most corrupt Congress of all time, the 111th Congress, Bob Casey Jr. has never apologized.

We expect corruption from Senators from other states. The part of Casey that I really don’t like is that he chose to run in Pennsylvania and yet, he cares only about himself, Casey / Obama, and his master, Barack Hussein Obama. His affixation with Obama has become a scourge on Pennsylvania. It must end.

And so, if Casey wants to go by Senator as a title that is fine, since most Senators of recent vintage are more corrupt and interested in self more than they represent the people. They have driven America to the point of bankruptcy. He can have the title of Senator ‘til the next election. But, I do resent his using the term Pennsylvania Senator because Pennsylvania deserves better than what we have gotten in five years of Bob Casey Jr.He does not represent Pennsylvania. Is he corrupt? You make the call!

This year, about six months ago, on the anniversary of Obamacare, I read all the testimonies about the liberal / progressive U.S. Senator Bob Casey. Our representative in the Senate had ignored the concerns of Pennsylvanians and instead, he helped his Democrat Party bosses in Washington ram the massive Obamacare bill through the Senate on a straight party line vote. Can you remember the blistering speech in the Senate about why the anti-life provisions needed to be expunged before a vote be taken? Neither can I. Neither can pro-life groups across the state and the nation.

Casey had a lot of encouragement. For example, he was encouraged by his friend Nancy Pelosi who challenged the 111th Congress to pass the bill so we all could know what was in it. He was encouraged by Harry Reid in the Senate who assured Casey that ole “Dingy Harry” would take care of him. More importantly, he was encouraged by his new best friend, the President of the United States of America, that he (Casey) would be remembered as a patriot for voting for Obamacare. You remember the 2000+ page monster bills that Casey and the Democrats insisted Congress pass without having any idea what the words were in the bill. Even our kids would not be so un-American. Robert P. Casey Jr. had heard enough when the name of the bill was announced and with all the encouragement he received and with such a proper name for the bill, of course he voted for Obamacare.

Upon its passage, surveys showed that Pennsylvanians, along with all other Americans, overwhelmingly objected to Obamacare, voicing strong concerns that it would result in higher costs and a lower quality of healthcare. The pro-life organizations had begged Casey to drop support for Obama and instead become pro-life again. Casey knew better, just like he went on that DNC stage when it seemed good for his hide. He was further encouraged (and this is just speculation) by the Catholic Church who fired the Bishop who was telling Casey his soul was on the line, and he better be a Catholic on pro-life issues.

Casey ignored the concerns of Pennsylvanians and the only real spokesman at the time for the true views of the Catholic Church. Hey, if Casey tried to say he was not a Catholic, fine, but if as a Catholic he did not vote how his religion suggests he vote on matters of life and death, he was a big hypocrite – pro-life at election time, and pro-death at Obamatime.

I would actually find it easier to run against a person who had made a few regrettable mistakes but I wish Casey had voted for the babies and not for Obama. Casey never apologized. Then, when Americans were demanding information from their elected representatives in the summer of 2010, you cana gain remember Bob Casey Jr.’s voice resonating at the top of his lungs that he was for Pennsylvania first. Sorry, I did not hear those speeches either, especially during the summer recess. Casey was debuting in his finest performance eof the “unknown senator,” vacationing with his family while others took the heat.  As much as I dislike Arlan Spector, at least Spector faced the people. Casey chose to be the “anonymous senator.”  So far, his stealth tactics are working. When you really have nothing to say, stealth is probably the right tactic.

Despite Democrats' and Obama’s repeated promises that Americans would come to embrace the Obamacare law, Obamacare remained extremely unpopular a year later, and has remained unpopular to this day. If it were so good, Obama and Casey would not have had to given out 5000 exemptions to companies that begged to have its burden lifted for them.

Obama’s own campaign directors in 2011, concerned that the President may shoot himself in the foot if he renews discussions about a law that is already passed, have advised him simply to not engage anybody on Obamacare. Their position is simple--- it is already definite law and discussions would merely make it appear uncertain. We can count on the “unknown senator” continuing his campaign of non-appearances.

The Beatles are famous for the line, “not a second time,” but Bob Casey, Jr. is right there with Obama on Obamacare, and yes, even a second time.  Our Senator had a chance to do something for the people of Pennsylvania in February 2011 but instead he chose to help out his friends Harry Reid and Barack Obama. On February 2, Casey voted to keep Obamacare and all of the problems it will bring Pennsylvania along with the $500 Billion it stole from Medicare. He doesn’t get it.

Robert P. Casey Jr. got a second chance to do the right thing by leading Pennsylvanians towards a repeal of Obamacare. Instead, he went along with all the other progressives in the Senate and voted against the people. One can only conclude that our own Casey / Obama is for Obamacare and all of its anti-life provisions. Not a whimper of support for the repeal of Obamacare from Casey. What a shame. Then again he is the “unknown senator.” 

Meanwhile, Americans were proven correct in their concerns. Some misinformed seniors think Obama and Casey are their friends and they think they actually still think they duo tell the truth. Yet, in addition to cutting Medicare by $500 billion (seniors should be very upset about that) and raising taxes by $570 billion  (workers who earn anything should be very upset about that) - the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) recently estimated that the Obama-Casey health care law will increase federal deficits by $260 billion through 2019. Those projections need to be added to the recent agreement to address the debt. I am betting the projections are low.

"The health care law's one-year anniversary is a stark reminder to Pennsylvanians that when it mattered most, Senator Casey ignored their concerns and helped President Obama ram his costly overhaul into law on a straight party line,"

National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) spokesman Chris Bond is quoted above and he also said the following:

"As Casey attempts to promote himself as fiscally responsible in advance of his reelection bid, voters won't forget that his health care law actually raises federal deficits by hundreds of billions of dollars. It's clear that Pennsylvanians will hold Casey accountable at the polls for his broken promises and costly, partisan Washington record."

I am sorry that quote is from a Republican but I could not find a usable quote from a Democrat. All the Democrats are handing out is BS. I searched and searched for a Democrat to tell you the truth about the healthcare bill, and I found none. That is terrible and Bob Casey Jr, is just another one of the Democrats who have placed Obama’s ideology ahead of Pennsylvania citizens.  Casey Jr. is not only a poor senator; he is also a bad Democrat.

Casey Jr. may not worry if the people actually believe his list of accomplishments that he has posted on his government paid web site. From what I see, the list is mostly bull…. Along with a lot of self praise. The young Bob Casey whose dad was well respected and who was a great governor from 1987 to 1995 already has more than $1.3 million in his campaign war chest according to the Federal Election Commission. If he thinks he won’t have to spend a dime fighting me and my message in the primary, I will prove him wrong.

Casey Jr. does know how to spend campaign funds. He spent $18 million to defeat Rick Santorum. I hope he spends about $50 million trying to defeat me in the 2012 primary election. Such a large expenditure should help the jobs situation in Pennsylvania more than any other trick the Senator has come up with yet.

I checked my own campaign balance on September 14, 2011 and due to some small expenses, my initial outlay (loan) to the campaign fund of $500.00 is now down about 75 bucks. Perhaps the Senator can give me a few thousand from either his or Obama’s cush. Would a little funding from the well-endowed Casey campaign to my campaign make our primary battle more exciting? I’d be happy to take the money from Casey and I would spend it all in Pennsylvania.  Don’t worry fellow Pennsylvanians! Though my lungs are in good shape, I will not holding my breath waiting for the Casey funds to arrive.

I probably have about as much money in the bank as you have and unlike Bob Casey, who has means and will have many job offers when he gives up the reins, I need the Job of US Senator. I need it to help Pennsylvanians but I also need it because it is the only job for which I plan to apply for the next year.  After all, I am unemployed and my former employer, Marywood University, who is on great terms with the Senator, is fighting my unemployment claim. So,  though I taught my last class on May20, and they released me without cause, as of mid September 2011, no funds have been released by the PA UC. I know Casey is not holding my unemployment up because he is no longer the Treasurer. At least, I think. 

This is my second and I expect it will be my last campaign for public office. When I was employed by Marywood University as an Assistant Professor in 2010, running against incumbent Paul Kanjorski in the 11th District of PA., I was able to use my own funds to run for Congress. I spent $4500.00, which was a lot more than I expected to spend. I did not know it would cost me so much but I stuck to my guns. This time, I don’t plan to spend a dime since I am no longer a wage earner. Feel free to donate to my campaign if you think I represent your thinking on America.

By the way, in my research, I found tons of people, some with good reputations and some with bad who have donated much money to the Casey campaign. Several married couples have somehow through various entities in which they are involved have been able to drop substantially more than $5,000 into Casey’s coffers. One such donation would place me ahead of my entire expenditures for my run for Congress.  If you have the funds and choose to donate, the one thing I can promise you is that it will not sway my vote in any way. So, if you see what I am for and you are for the same thing, feel free to send something my way and you will not be disappointed.

I hope to convince people such as yourself to support me because I am one of you and I will support you and all Pennsylvanians, not just the elite, in Washington. You can count on that. I may not have a name that is worthy of winning elections on its sheer name power, but I have a heart and a soul that is for Pennsylvania and America.

I figure Bob Casey just did not have the time to serve Pennsylvanians in the five years he has been our senator. Here we are almost three years after President Barack Obama and Casey / Obama signed the Democrats’ $787 billion stimulus debacle into law, and voters are reminded that our progressive / liberal U.S. Senator Bob Casey Jr. (D-PA) has failed to create the jobs he promised.

In the three years since Bob Casey rubberstamped President Obama’s $787 billion stimulus and promised it would create jobs, Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate has risen even higher. In fact, I too have become one of its casualties but I will be working again soon—right after the general election of 2012. My next job will be United States Senator, and you can help me get that job with your vote. A campaign donation would also help.

Casey, who from my observations is a person who resists telling the plain truth at all costs, continually refuses to admit that the Casey / Obama massive stimulus spending bills failed to create jobs while the Casey / Obama policies drove our national debt up close to $15 trillion.

As a proud native born American with a 100% Irish background from the shanty side of the tracks, I am embarrassed that Bob Casey Jr. is Irish. My reason is simply how he behaves in the Senate and in his campaign for the Senate. Click here to learn about Shanty and Lace curtain Irish.

One of my friends from Scranton informed me recently that the Scranton Irish are what are known as “lace curtain Irish.”  That never would have mattered to me before since I believe that all people of all races and ethnic backgrounds are equal in God’s eyes and under the law. But now it does matter because it explains some things.  Are the Casey’s lace curtain Irish? 

I am of the people, and I am for the people. If the Casey’s are lace curtain Irish, a group who typically look down on other Irish, then that explains a lot. If they are shanty Irish as my background suggests I am, then let me know, and I will immediately apologize. 

Regardless of why he does what he does, I am confident that Pennsylvanians will see through the Casey rhetoric and his huge campaign war-chest, and hold him accountable for his reckless spending of our money and his contribution to the national debt, when he faces all of us at the polls next year.

Again! I would be pleased to take his place if the people of Pennsylvania so desire

Democrats doubled the unemployment rate – not Republicans.

Al Gore likes to talk about inconvenient truths. As a Democrat, I regret that I must help us all recall that the cause of the unemployment rate rising was Democrat spending. George Bush did not do it. 

Let me go back into history just a bit to 2006, when the unemployment rate was 4.6%. Do you believe that number?  It is difficult to believe that when the Republicans gave Congress to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid back in 2006 when George Bush wa still president, unemployment was at just 4.6%. See this link for more information.

In 2006, though the progressive / liberal media conveniently forgets, George Bush did have two years left but Bob Casey Jr. was elected US Senator. Bingo! Two years after Casey was elected, despite his hard work in approving spending and approving spending and approving spending…, unemployment rose to 7.6%. It rose 3% in Casey’s first two years – even without Obama. Is that cause and effect? Then Casey assured Obama’s election and unemployment shot to about 9.5%. Both Casey and Obama will tell you that George Bush did it.  That is bull.

The last George Bush number for unemployment in December, 2006, after Casey and Pelosi got elected and before they were sworn in, was 4.5 %. Then Pelosi was to become the speaker, and Casey was sworn into the Senate.

So, it was not George Bush who did it.  Bush had to operate within the Pelosi budget. Bush was, however, the guy who brought in the lowest unemployment numbers in the last five years with unemployment in at 4.5% in his final year with a reasonable Congress. From 2007 on, Casey Jr. and the Democratic Party ruled the Congress. Republican opinions were not solicited and when they were made known, they were ignored. The huge unemployment numbers happened on our watch, not the Republicans.’

Our senator began the ruination of America by helping Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and the utterly corrupt 111th Congress figure out a zillion ways to spend the dollars from the national treasury while China was subsidizing the big spending. All of these legislators should have known better. You cannot spend more than you bring in or you create a situation in which you have a bum economy and no jobs. Don’t blame George Bush. Blame Robert P. Casey Jr. 

You may know that in 2006, when our now Senior Senator (Casey / Obama) was running for the Senate, he held the office of Treasurer of Pennsylvania.  Ironically, it is the same position that the fake Bob Casey had held years earlier. Does history repeat itself?