After a lot of thought, Brian Kelly launched his Congressional campaign in February, 2010 and, while seeing 1000 signatures as a formidable obstacle, he told his supporters what he was all about and that he believed we could get the signatures and that we would win the nomination and the election. With a week to spare, Kelly had amassed over 1500 signatures and ultimately garnered first spot on the ballot.

Brian still believes that what separated him from his opponents at the time, Congressman Paul Kanjorski and Lackawanna County Commissioner Corey O'Brien was that he was not a politician. Kelly has never been a politician and does not ever want to be a politician. And, so as he contemplates his Senate run, he sees the same separation from incumbent Robert Casey Jr., who is by anybody's definition, a lifelong, career politician.... 

By all accounts, Kelly was the one underdog in a three-person race and regardless of how many run for the Senate as Democrats in 2012, Kelly will be the underdog again. He knows that the Pennsylvania Democratic Party machine will be on Robert P. Casey's side and besides Brian will not welcome the machine in support of his campaign. This America should be for Americans, and the Pelosi / Reid Democrats have dome much more harm than good to America and AMericans in just the last six years. Robert P. Casey and all Reid / Pelosi type Democrats must go and give their seats back tothe people.

During the Congressional race, the tri-state Independence Hall Tea Party recognized Kelly as an underdog in their endorsement on May 2, 2010, but offered some hope that Kelly would win that race. When it was all over, Kelly had collected 17% of the vote as a virtual unknown, because the people liked the message of getting back to basics and off the backs of the taxpayers.

During the 2010 campaign, after the Campaign Finance Reports came out, there was a big squabble between incumbent Paul Kanjorski and one of his challengers, Corey O'Brien about which of these lifetime politicians were gaining the most "ethical" contributions.  Kelly, "the third man in the race" who was "also challenging Kanjorski" was asked his thoughts and he weighed in on the finances issue.  You'll like Kelly's response.

Though he submitted five paragraphs, the paper still printed 26 paragraphs about Kanjorski and / O'Brien and only one paragraph about Brian Kelly.  By the way, Kelly's solution to the squabble, which, by the way, was not printed is included immediately below:   
"I would recommend that both campaigns stop spending and return the remainder of their war chests to wherever they got the money. Then, all three of us can get in front on the people of Northeastern PA on Public TV, no charge, and let's talk about ourselves to the people so they know something about each of us. That sounds fair to me."
How can you argue with that?  Even the score! Level the field!  Make all candidates equal, and address the people. What a novel idea!  It almost sounds like it is something that one would expect in a democracy.
"I've been ignored for quite awhile.  But we will surprise a lot of people next Tuesday.  For the longest time after my campaign kicked off, even after I had gained the # 1 ballot position, one of the local major papers completely forgot that I was in the race. Finally they heard me as the campaign was nearing the half-way point. They apologized, but I had missed a lot of coverage."  said Kelly.  "There was no make-up time." Kelly added. 
Kelly recounted his experience on a Monday morning, just one week before the election: "I was listening to the radio and I heard the personalities talking about Arlen Specter and Joe Sestak's ads. Ironically, even Tiger Woods, who has nothing to do with PA elections made the cut and got some air time. The 11th Congressional District underdog got no time."  
"The radio personalities went on to discuss the 11th Congressional District so I figured they would say something about my candidacy.  They made a big deal that on Sunday that Corey O'Brien had received the Times Leader's endorsement over Paul Kanjorski.  I was waiting breathlessly to hear  "also running is" or the "third man in the race" rhetoric, of which I have become accustomed, but there was none. Not even honorable mention. 

"I heard O'Brien over Kanjorski one more time and that was enough.  I quickly sent an email reminding the station that I was in the race. A few breaks later, O'Brien's endorsement over Kanjorski was again the topic, and again, there was no 'third man' even mentioned.  There is no question that I was the underdog!" Kelly said. "Other than the Times Leader, I was ignored by the media. I dropped my Citizens Vouce subscription right after the Primary Election. 
It did puzzle me that I got no coverage. I went through every hoop as asked but they still forgot about me. So I asked the public on my Congressional Campaign Web site:  "So, what makes Brian Kelly's quest for the nomination an 'also running is,' or a 'third man' candidacy?  He is # 1 on the ballot. If there are polls that the government is doing to determine who is the front-runner, Kelly does not receive such polling results. Why is it that just about all elements of the press have Kelly in the third seat? By the way, there has been no TV coverage at all.  Even Public TV chose to stay out of the race in the 11th District. Why is that?   No debates? Which public are they helping?"

Kelly thinks he knows the answer to those questions:

My response back them is as follows:

"Regular citizens are not newsworthy.  A regular citizen may make a fine representative but he or she doesn't sell air time or newspapers.  Politicians, on the other hand---they are exciting. They are always doing something interesting in their chase for office. They do sell air time and they sell newspapers but that does not help regular people.   Unfortunately, politicians do not make good representatives as we have more than discovered these past two years. 

"I am a  regular guy appealing to regular people who do not have to sell air time or newspapers.  I trust the people more than the media to make the right decision.  For every regular Joe out there who knows they could do a better job for the people, 'than the bums that are in office,' when you go into the voting booth, look at ballot position # 1. A regular person, competent like yourself, holds that # 1 position. He, like you, can do a heck of a lot better for the people than either of the two politicians who now have the favor of the press."

The underdog piece wneded with "Brian Kelly is counting on Americans doing the American thing on May 18th.  Americans root for the underdog.  In this case, the voters in Northeastern Pennsylvania can vote for a citizen, not a politician, who has been made into an underdog by the media simply because he is not a politician.  Say no to politicians on May 18th.  Brian Kelly would be pleased to represent your interests, and not the special interests, in Congress.  He owes nobody any favors.

So, now we are about to enter the 2012 election season and Brian Kelly has decided to try one more time to do his civic duty by running for public Office, US Senator for the Great State of Pennsylvania. It is up to you again, the voter, whether competent regular people, with appropriate backgrounds can gain your favor enough to kick out a career politician and insert on of US in the mix. I would be honored to serve the citizens of Pennsylvania and the United States as your Senator from Pennsylvania.  You won;t find the Democratic machine or any political machine parked in front of my door.

The best.