Initiative, Referendum, and Recall


Initiative, Referendum, and Recall are fundamental precepts of a direct democracy. Ours of course is a representative democracy with a Constitution as a defining document just in case the lawmakers in all branches ever were to go astray -- all at the same time.  With three branches of government, one would think that the parts could keep honesty and the people's business at the top of their lists.  Instead, being Democrat or Republican appears to be more important today than being a good representative whether in the House, the Senate, the Presidency, or even the Supreme Court. 


And, so, it sure seems that rather than separation of powers, we now have collusion by party. The party's influence is only to help in the elections and then the good of the country is supposed to prevail.  The party affiliations should be left in the outside area of the Halls of Congress. Since Barack Hussein Obama  became President, the attack on the Constitution has gaines strength as I regret to say this President does not appear to like the fundamental precepts which makes america America. He has decided to change them by hook, but mostly by crook!  


There is a fundamental breakdown in our democracy and it is happening right now.  With a President who would prefer socialism or communism to capitalism, this is not the time to be having a constitutional crisis, yet that is precisely what is happening. Government has stopped honoring the spirit and the hard copy precepts of the Constitution.

Politicians Are Liars

When I complain about the government, it is not the regular American people who are employed in the process of government that are the issue, it is clearly the leadership. It begins with the President and then Congress and then the entrenched high level bureaucrats.  The fact is that Government by itself produces nothing, period.  It does create huge bureaucracies of mostly unneeded people, which deprive those who pay their salaries of the liberty os spending their own money.

Government takes and squanders. It mismanages and corrupts while it seeks full control.  That is why the founding fathers wanted limited government. Politicians are liars. Under liars in the dictionary is a compaosite peicture of your favorite politicians. As W. C. Fields would say, they have made prevarication an Art.  Government is made up of politicians. The Government lies frequently to achieve its objectives.

When the government creates government jobs, who pays for these jobs?  They are paid for by an already overtaxed private economy -- by you and by me. Does it not make perfect sense that government would seek to expand its payroll since every new bureaucrat becomes a likely advocate for even bigger government and the entrenched politician and bureaucrats become even more powerful. 

Good Government Service Is an Oxymoron!

Big Government doesn't work. In fact when anything gets too big, including huge corporations and huge unions, they cease to work. The Founders devised a system of imited government, which our politicians have cast aside to feather their own nests, and the nests of the lobbyists who supply their feathers.

The last thing that Americans need is for government to run anything. So now, an organization that cannot run anything should be entrusted to run healthcare for all of us. Somebody is kidding, right!  Perhaps I should correctly attributed it -- Obamacare.  When have you ever gotten good government service?  This next statement may be a big surprise to a lot of good people but, here it is anyway:  The whole contraption called government from city to county to state to federal is not designed for excellence. Sorry!

Think about it in the healthcare context from the experience you have had when looking for service in other areas.  Once they take over, the next step is you won't be able to get what ever it was that you had before they took it over. If they run healthcare, it will be the end of care. . 

When I was at the state offices in Harrisburg in 2010 to process my signatures (nomination petition), there was a big line of people and just a few servers.  It was the typical bureaucracy scenario. The line was moving slowly. All of a sudden after finishing with a client, one of the servers, clearly exasperated from having served the public non stop for at least minutes since coming back from lunch, got up and said, sorry folks I am outta here.

Is Our Government Trying to Kill US?


How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861)
Is this not the same message being delivered today by our magnanimous and beneficent Congress and our beloved, sometimes besmirched President? Are we not continually reassured that they love us, perhaps  even more than we love ourselves.  They know what is right for us.

They are smart people and we should listen to them! They will take care of us because they know what we need and we do not.  They meet behind closed doors so that we are spared knowing how dumb we really are.  They are just protecting us if only we knew. But then again, "No one knows what goes on behind closed doors!"

Ladies and gentlemen, the paragraph above is the essence of progressivism. If we were not so dumb, we would know that and we would know that our elite leaders do what they must against our will because they know, left on our own we would do something dumb.

Start Fixing Congress Forever By Replacing It Today!


My Name is Brian Kelly.  I am not the coach of Notre Dame.  I am from Pennsylvania and I am running for the Senate of the United States of America to help return government tothe people.

I support the idea of an eight point fix for Congress, and this is just the start..

I found the note below  in my email box and then I found a discussion of the topic on the Web.

Representing the people is not and never was intended to be a career.  The current system creates politicians from ordinary people when they choose to be in Congress for life representing their personal aspirations and careers instead of representing the people.

What is in this idea on how to fix Congress not to like? 

If I gain the favor of the people in the 2012 primary election and again in the general election, one of my first acts will be to introduce a bill that has this language or very very very similar language into the US Senate.   

Remember this key point. Fixing Congress starts at home! Harry Reid is not the only one to be replaced, and worse than that, he has four more years left. It starts right here in Pennsylvania. Robert P. Casey Jr. has not served the people of Pennsylvania. He has served himself. And, that is too bad for all of us.