Question: I have read a lot of the stuff on your site and, other than that you don't seem to be a normal Democrat, and I am not so sure about that, why should I vote for you?

Answer:  Thanks for the question.  I wrote many of the things on this site myself so I am not sure if you mean all of them or just some of them. If you have really read them all, please let me know what it is that disturbs you.

I am not sure that I can convince anybody that I am worthy of their vote. The fact that an ordinary guy permits himself or herself to go through this process, it is so painful, in my opinion, that ought to be enough. I believe in a representative democracy it ought to be easier for all Americans to run for office. Let me take a crack at this question though it intrinsically annoys me.  Don't hang up early on this... OK? 

About being a normal Democrat, perhaps you are right. I don't seem to be one because I am not in today's thinking.  The Democrats have changed, not me.  I'd like to think that I am how Democrats once were when my dad was a staunch Democrat and he convinced me to change from Independent to Democrat.  Perhaps Democrats should be that party again. 
The key phrase in all of this is "for the people." Democrats had always been for the people. It was always implied that the people were Americans.  Today, Democrats have an extremely hard left agenda like as if Russia was a good place to live.  I do not think that way. Since Progressivism, Socialism, and Communism have proven to be bad for the people, wherever they are brought forth, a Democrat Party that is hard left is for just a few people. It is not for the common, hard working, regular American person. 

Your parents and my parents would have disdain for a party that seems, as its goal, to assure people they can be dependent on government and all will be OK. That is not my Democratic Party.


After a lot of thought, Brian Kelly launched his Congressional campaign in February, 2010 and, while seeing 1000 signatures as a formidable obstacle, he told his supporters what he was all about and that he believed we could get the signatures and that we would win the nomination and the election. With a week to spare, Kelly had amassed over 1500 signatures and ultimately garnered first spot on the ballot.

Brian still believes that what separated him from his opponents at the time, Congressman Paul Kanjorski and Lackawanna County Commissioner Corey O'Brien was that he was not a politician. Kelly has never been a politician and does not ever want to be a politician. And, so as he contemplates his Senate run, he sees the same separation from incumbent Robert Casey Jr., who is by anybody's definition, a lifelong, career politician.... 

This site is not complete. It will be a few more weeks before it comes alive. Brian Kelly is preparing this site to be used for his Senate Run vs. Robert Casey Jr. Please poke around if you want but come back when our message has been brought up to date. Thank you for visiting.


Are you pleased with the economy, job prospects, the pospect of a full government takeover of healthcare, indoctrination of our youth to serve the ego of an out of control President, a huge energy tax implemented by SPA regulations to get around Congress, defended by a huge global warming hoax, bank and industry and crony bailouts, auto-industry takeovers, huge deficits, massive debt, loss of prestige in the world, disrespect for Americans, tacit diregard for the real threat of terrorism, and fifty other things that have the potential to make your blood boil?  If you are pleased, then you are one of a few in a number that continues to shrink. Why is this?


The people of this good country are waking up and finding out that the strongest country in the worldis in the process of being taken over by an eloquent speaker with a wimp character along with 40 czars, and a complicit Senate, ever assisting in the takeover.