Why is the federal government dictating educational precepts and policy to states, the foundation of our republic, when the fed, the biggest bully in the world, can't get much of anything right?

Eliminating federal involvement in K–12 education is one of my top domestic priorities for education. The Constitution offers no provision for federal meddling in education.

Ron Paul says that, "It is hard to think of a function less suited to a centralized, bureaucratic approach than education. The very idea that a group of legislators and bureaucrats in D.C. can design a curriculum capable of meeting the needs of every American schoolchild is ludicrous."

As the federal government has exerted more control over education, what has happened? I don't need to tell you because you know. "The deteriorating performance of our schools as federal control over the classroom has grown shows the folly of giving Washington more power over American education."  Do you really want an American bureaucrat determining the education your child receives. When were the children of your favorite last politician, from state offices to the White Houses so pleased with the system they created that they insisted that their children realized the benefits?  Actually, that's Washington-speak for saying, "hey, they won't send their kids to those schools.  Doesn't that tell it all? So, why should we?