Cap and Trade -- A Hoax on Americans

A brief political essay by 

Brian Kelly

On June 26, 2009, a bit before Congress  took its summer break, the House of Representatives in the 111th Congress snuck through the infamous Carbon Cap and Trade bill.  Though this bill is not named in such a way as to appear to affect anybody in a bad way, it really does.  It affects you and I.  Many who have analyzed the bill see this potentially as the largest tax increase ever to befall the American people. It is better named "The Energy Tax Bill." 


The good news for those who have not been keeping up is that the Senate never passed the bill and so it is dead since the 112th Congress will never bring it up. However, after we describe what this monstorsity actually is and how Nancy Pelosi rammed it down the throats of all Americans, we will tell you how the President and his Czars have the power to end-run Congress and create the bill out of thin air in the fashion of a dictatorial state.  Hopefully, with Castro stepping down, Obama will eventually find the right place for him and his ideas.


 What's the story, Jerry?


The story is that scientists suggest that if all of the cost of the Cap and Trade bill are collected and all of the benefits are received, in one hundred years, the impact on the earth would be to slow down climate change by a mere 6 hours. Trillions of dollars for 6 hours of relief is not a good deal. Meanwhile China's smokestacks are ablaze. They are more interested in being the world's most industrialized nation--a position once held by the US when we had good leadership, and when the American government was working for Americans.