Question: Is Bob Casey a Good Senator for Pennsylvania?

Answer:  Until about 2008, it did not matter that much to me and perhaps many others whether the son of one of the finest Governors of Pennsylvania was a good Senator or a even a good man.  Life was easy in the US and nobody in PA was giving Bob Casey Jr. a reason to show why he was the best or the worst for the state.

Then, as Barack Obama entered the national stage, Casey began to carry the water full time for candidate Barack Hussein Obama. Many of us could not figure why as Hillary Clinton appeared the best candidate for Democrats and she was from Scranton, Casey's home town. It no longer mattered what people in Pennsylvania thought. Casey chose to be out of synch with those in his home town of Scranton and the rest of NEPA. 

My own opinion is that Bob Casey Jr.'s recent interests are someplace other than Pennsylvania. I had the same quandry running against Paul Kanjorski. Northeastern PA. 

Americans for Tax Reform suggested to Rep. Kanjorski days before the bill came up in the house that it would cost Pennsylvanians $636.7 Billion if Cap-and-Trade were passed. They urged the Congressman, who represented five counties in our state, many in which coal and gas (both carbon fuels) are "mined," and certainly many areas of the state use coal to fire their electric plants. The cost to Pennsylvanians ws estimated as a huge number that we would be paying through higher taxes and forever higher energy costs. Why would Congressman Kanjorski vote in such a way as to hurt Pennsylvanians? Who knows why he did what he did? Lou Barletta creamed him in the general election of 2010 and he was sent packing.

Thank You for Visiting, Please Come Back!

Fellow Citizens of  Pennsylvania, soon, I hope to present myself as a Candidate to be your United States Senator from Pennsylvania.  As you know, this seat is currently held by Representative Robert Casey Jr., the son of Robert Casey Sr., one of the finest Governors ever in the State of Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately for Pennsylvanians, Bob Casey Jr. is no Bob Casey Sr. In a nutshell, that is why I hope to be running as a Democrat against Mr. Casey and others in the Primary Election on Tuesday April 24, 2012.  I do not yet know who my opponent will be in the General Election.   

I am proud to say that--but for a few years--I would be a lifetime Democrat, and a lifetime resident of Northeastern PA.  Right after I earned my Bachelor of Science from King's College at the age of 21, I competed in a tough job market, and was hired to work as a Systems Engineer at IBM in Utica, New York. For two years, while living in Utica, New York, I was a registered Independent.

My dad, a lifetime Democrat, was a conservative and a good man. He was a staunch believer in the importance of labor unions.  He worked as a laborer at Stegmaier Brewery on "Brewery Hill" in Wilkes-Barre until the

Stegmaier label was purchased by the Lion Incorporated.   At that time, the Lion proudly brewed Gibbons Beer. [G-I_B-B-O-N-S, pure refreshing Gibbons. If it's Gibbons, it's good so they next time you should say gimme gimme gimme gimme Gibbons]