Alan Keyes Is a Patriot

Through his great work and his writings, Alan Keyes has unknowingly contributed to both of the campaigns of Brian Kelly.  The Kelly platform has much basis in the writings of Alan Keyes as Brian Kelly has always been highly impressed with and is influenced by the Ambassador's work.  Kelly sees Keyes as one of America's potentially greatest heroes and one of the best orators, ever.  As a compliment to Barack Obama, Kelly would trade ten Obama Cards for one Keyes card, if he could. Keyes is that special.

All of us have a number of heroes. Brian Kelly's political hero is Alan Keyes, who happens to have been a Republican most, if not all, of his political life. Alan Keyes is a good man, so he is also a hero simply on the human-being front. For decades, he’s been the champion of the unalienable right to life of the innocent unborn and a tireless campaigner against the purveyors of the culture of death.

Keyes made a run for the State Senate against Barack Obama. He lost because he told the truth. He was also a candidate of the American Independent Party in the 2008 Presidential election, but he was not given air time by the media in any of the debates.  Alan Keyes is as good as it gets and America would do well with Alan Keyes at the helm. 

A huge government, carried by the people, on our backs. 

Can you believe what they are doing to US: Bailouts, Porkulus, Debt, Deficits, Cap and Trade Energy Tax, ObamaCare, Socialism, Government Control, and the list goes on.   Is it not time that WE THE PEOPLE take back OUR government and make it work for US again. That was my reason for running for Congress and it is why I am trying to replace Robert P. Casey as the Junior Senator from Pennsylvania. This is the right time. 

Government has already grown too big, and it is growing even bigger and its bigness is dangerous to our freedom.  I want to help restore good government to America, restore prosperity to all. Lower taxes, limited government, and severely reduced spending will mean that we have learned fiscal responsibility, and everybody has more, not less! Government gets nothing to waste. 

Capture Back America

Now it is our turn. It is our American duty to hold our leaders accountable when they do not take seriously their oath to uphold the Constitution. America is not supposed to be a Marxist, progressive socialist nation.  It is up to US, the underpinnings of democracy, the people of the United States to not sit still but to take action.  It is up to US to become part of the grassroots movements such as the great TEA Party movement and join those who are fed up with corruption and the trashing of the Constitution. It is up to US to reclaim our pride, our country, our America - right now, before it is too late. Don't let propaganda diminish your will to be free.