Do We Really Need the Change?

In a word, "yes." 

As you can see by the young picture of a relatively unknown by the name of Barry Soetoro, we can all change. And, if you don't have a heck of a lot in your pocket, you can also HOPE.

Back in 2008, just about everybody in the country felt that we needed change from the policies of the Bush Administration. Yet, the more Obama we get, the better George Bush's presidency is beginning to look.

If I can inject a little humor here, now that we are into the 2011 / 2012 campaign season, there has been so much BHO, GWB would probably get reelected for a third term if he ran against Obama. My Dog Ben, or my Cat Buddy, would probably get elected if BHO were the opponent. That's how bad the change has been and continues to be.

Unfortunately for Americans but fortunately for BOH, there is no specific term for somebody who makes excuses or has alibis all the time. But the time for Obama to rejoice has not yet come on this one since where there is a void, there is an opportunity.

Things Are Not Really So good!


Some people think the war on terror is over and our enemies have decided to be nicer to us.  This blind-eye notion is offset by the reality of today. Remember the Fort Hood Massacre, the Underwear Bomber? Gabrielle Giffords, the former was a radical Muslim terrorist and the latter a radical Muslim terrorist and the last a goofy left wing liberal. Surely this is chance coincidence.  The former killed 13 and wounded dozens on a huge Army base that is home to over 57,000 soldiers.  The middle was able to get on a plane along with 80 grams of PETN in his shorts. 


On January 8, 2011, Giffords was shot in the head outside a Safeway grocery store in Casas Adobes, Arizona, a suburban area northwest of Tucson, during her first "Congress on Your Corner" gathering of the year. A man ran up to the crowd and began firing, hitting nineteen people of whom six died; a twentieth person was injured at the scene, but not by gunfire. None of this should be tolerated by America.

The suspect, identified as Jared Lee Loughner, a known goofer, was detained by bystanders until he was taken into police custody. The Feds charged Loughner with killing federal government employees, attempting to assassinate a member of Congress, and attempting to kill federal employees. Why a piece of scum like him gets any press time is a negative tribute to how bad things have gotten in America.

Giffords's Congressional intern, sharp as a tack, Daniel Hernandez Jr., provided first aid assistance to her immediately after she was wounded. He saved her life. She was taken to the University Medical Center of Tucson in critical condition, though she was still conscious and "following commands" at the time. What a phenomenally resiliant person!

A New Idea for Term Limits!

Many Americans feel they are facing poor government now and will be through 2012 because of the political leftovers that continue to make poor decisions for all of US.  Normal people can fully sympathize with the notion that a high percentage of the members of Congress, no matter whether corrupted in their first term or their thirteenth term, are corrupt nonetheless. So, why are we giving them multiple shots at our nations treasury? Why do we reelect them? If you really look at it logically, we are the fools. The founders expected us to vote the bums out but they did not expect us to be so illogical and tolerant in our thinking.

Today I received a great quote in my email in-box that is about the President but it fits those of us who send back corrupt politicians to represent US, time and time again. Though many continue to believe that the President gets rave reviews across the world for apologizing about America and that it is just in his home country, the USA, that he gets disrespect, this quote may change your mind.

Is three days really enough?

Government waste has gone far beyond outrageous and government corruption is a rotting, bloated stinking pig that has been poisoning us.   Many of us were unaware it was even happening.  We are now fully aware and It Must Stop!! The trillions of dollars that are being spent on bailouts opposed by the voters, and ahealthcare plan to make America a bankrupt nation have helped put our country in financial jeopardy. 

And making matters worse, our lawmakers still do not give themselves enough time to even read the laws before they vote on them.  Often they have not been printed and they are asked to read them. The bills do not exist yet they vote on them. 

Cap & Trade -- The National Energy Tax

One of the worst pieces of legislation of all time, which had already passed the Pelosi House in the 111th Congress was hung up in the Senate and ultimately died before the Congress finished its business. It was known as "the CAP and TRADE bill."  The people called this the Obama Energy Tax bill.

It was passed by the Pelosi led House literally in the dark of night. Like many bills in 2009, It was unread by the masses in Congress, including Bob Casey Jr. who was noted to the Press that he was prepared to go along with his friends Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, rather than vote with Pennsylvanians.Despite the Coal and power industries in Pennsylvania, Casey was ready to turn off the lights.

It would have meant that the cost of your natural gas, electricity, gasoline and taxes would QUADRUPLE after the bill went into effect.  No American family from the middle class on down has another $3,000 to spend on energy on top of the recent 30% price increase for electric power?  This legislation was not good for Pennsylvania and it was not good for the country, but it was good for Robert P. Casey Jr.'s political ambitions