Bye Bye 16th Amendment, the Corporate Tax, & the IRS!

The Fair Tax
How does the 16th amendment help business?  It authorizes the "progressive" income tax. We all know that more than a mechanism to feed the government's need to defend us, and to enable highways to be built and other things that individuals cannot do by themselves, the income tax is used for wealth redistribution.

The workers somehow do not like that, but the non-workers, especially the deadbeats, really do.  It is good to help the helpless. It is not good to make people helpless. So, it is not good to help make poor people out of those who otherwise would be fruitful contributors to their own lives. Yet, we know this is what government does all the time. The sixteenth amendment provides the funding for the big government appetite. 
The notion of giving to those who should not need anything returns nothing to the people. The government really decides way  too much for the people.  And, the government is mostly full of dunderheads, blockheads, and pigheads who don't know their back end from a hole in the ground. 

The income tax is a convenient vehicle to manage the people's purchases via tax exemptions, credits, and deductions. How does government know what is good or bad for you or for me? We know they use the three branches of government to determine this information. Again, they use their elete DBP team trio-- (dunderheads, blockheads, and pigheads).    

Preface to the Preface:

This is both an essay and a Preface.  All of the essays in this Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! menu have already been packaged into a book titled Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! When you create a book, it needs introductory material. Much of this is packaged in a front matter item called the "preface."  Front matter comes before all of the other material in the book. Typically nobody wants to pay for Front Matter. When they buy a book, they are mostly interested in just the chapter or essay contents.
Anyway, this is no ordinary Preface. As you may know, the whole book titled Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! is free in this section of the site (you just do not get the paper) so without having the preface that I wrote for the book, it would really be incomplete.
This Preface does not have the normal marketing material that is put in to sell a book. Instead, this Preface sets the stage for the need for the book by telling the reader (you and I) through a lot more than anecdotal evidence that they better watch out and they better not pout and they better not cry and in the preface I start telling you why.  If we don't watch him, the President, disguised as Santa Claus will carry off all our jobs in his bag and give them to somebody he knows.  And none of us will get to town again. 

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!  The Government's Plan?

Hello Everybody. My name is Brian Kelly and I am running for the US Senate. Some may call me a mild mannered professor at a fine Northeastern PA University. But, regardless of what I am called, the message in this essay is Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! And, by the way, like a lot of Americans trying to cling on to a job, I have been dumped after seven years working for the same University. The irony is that I retired three years ago, and they begged me to come back. At 63.5 years old, I thought I was going to end my career at Marywood but things happen. Don't worry, I'll be fine. After about ten years, they had their reasons. I hope to spend the next six years in the US Senate working for the people.

I am 63.5 years old and I am able to collect social security now but I am not ready to retire. I had been hoping to put in about two more good years of work, maybe four. Now, I am thinking about one thing: beginning my new six-year Job on January 3, 2013. There are two things that might mess that up. You may not hear my message, which would make it tough for me to become your next Senator, or Congress may pick a different start date.  If the folks decide to send me to Congress for six years to serve in the Senate, I can promise two things for sure.  Nobody will own me and I will work for you -- the people of Pennsylvania. 

So, why can't I know when I can start working for the people of PA?

America should take care of Americans first and not give foreigners advantages over US citizens. 

The US Visa programs have been used by corporations and a complicit Congress & President to sell out American intellectuals and skilled service workers and perhaps even worse than that, recent American College graduates. The scam continues even now while Americans are unemployed in record numbers.  The Visa Program had noble beginnings and there is no obvious problem with the type of people who come in on visas. However under certain visa types, employers get a big bonus as they can access foreign technical talent for slave wages while putting well schooled and talented Americans out of a job. 

When I was an active IT Consultant, one of my clients was able to obtain an H-1B visa for an executive from South Africa. He was a very bright guy. They were not the nicest of employers. His salary was about 1/3 of the other executives.  Why was that?  Because he was in many ways an indentured servant to the company.  If he messed up or made any demands, they held the rights to his visa, and they could deem that he be sent back to South Africa at the drop of  a hat. 

As a demonstration of how endearing this company was to this foreign national, when he finally became a citizen, he immediately gave his notice and moved to Florida.  They could not do without him.  You know what they say about payback. They agreed to pay him a full executive salary while in Florida so that he would run their sophisticated purchasing software over the Internet for them while he had a real full time job in Florida. Some stories work out well. Could not have happened to a lousier bunch of guys.

Perpetrators of trouble are easily identified.

In other Jobs essays, we discussed the problems and we also discussed innovative solutions from cutting red tape to solutions for offshoring and illegal immigration and others.  This essay is the bottom line on how to get the inertia rolling the other way.  This is the road to recovery from this unprecedented recession.
We are clearly suffering under a mountain of debt and there are deficits scheduled from here to eternity.  Each planned deficit will add substantially to the debt.  A Congress controlled by my party has permitted the deficit to skyrocket to just about $1.5 trillion each year and the national debt has more than quadrupled to over $14 trillion.  With these big numbers it is easy to get zero fatigue.  Take a look at the chart in  the above figure to get a picture at how the "me generation" has robbed all of the "you generations" in the future. The number of  zeroes are enormous

There are only two groups in America it seems who do not know the basic way to get the United States out of a recession. The two groups are the Legislative Branch (Congress) and the Executive Branch (the President and the Czars and the Bureaucrats). I bet even the Supreme Court knows how but they have to be asked to render an opinion. 

Solving Jobs & Illegal Immigration Together!

Corporations that Cannot Outsource Find Another Way

What a shame for corporate titans who saw their golfing buddies moving huge portions of their businesses offshore to reduce their labor cost.  They saw their best friends being able to move their businesses offshore to take advantage of lower wages and additionally, their buds also got "less punitive" environmental conditions. They hoped they could figure out a way that they could create a labor force that was similar to those offshore, but the required their company to stay in America. Despite all the odds of probability plus a negative factor known as the US Constitution, amazingly, they succeeded.  

They wanted all of the advantages and none of the disadvantages of offshoring for their companies.  They wanted a cheap labor source and a labor force that would not complain at all about the work environment.   The overriding problem of course for US home (can't go noplace else) industries such as farming and meatpacking, and even construction was that companies that require "American" workers in America cannot offshore the work to other countries.  What a problem! These businesses were stuck in America and therefore, they were forced by geography to hire American workers. Not so fast!  How was that unfair to the entrepreneuers?

Not many of us talk about the devastation that taking jobs from America causes to American families. How unfair to American families? 

Let's get rid of the IRS.  Who would not like that?
"The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration."

Way back in February, 1913, the 16th Amendment was ratified by the states and thus it became a part of the Constitution. As such, mostly everybody who is affected by income tax would like it to go away. Even Congress cannot summarily get rid of it. It will take another amendment to the constitution to make that happen and that is not easy.  But, if I am elected your Senator, you can be assured I will push to get the ball rolling as well as the implementation of most parts of the elements of the FAIR tax as well as the reduction in the corporate income tax as discussed in other essays.

America ought to have the lowest corporate income tax so that we can invite companies from across the world to build their plants in America. Americans are OK working in good jobs for companies that like to hire Americans.  

All of this fits in with the notion of the Fair Tax. Freeing corporations of their tax burden so they will produce more in the US is a big part of the Fair Tax.

Bringing Back US Jobs from Offshore -- Greed Is the Answer!

"Corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed."

Who do you think said this? Could it be: Barack Obama?  George Bush?  Ronald Reagan?  Sean Hannity? Whoopi Goldberg,  Katie Couric?  If not the famous, then who?  Tom Stites, the author of one of my sources for this piece thinks that the inflammatory rhetoric may "sound like a protester railing against the World Trade Organization?"  Then he inquires as I just did in these words:

"Think again. These are the words of a successful corporate lawyer who represented railroads before becoming President of the United States. They resonate for many people in this era of Enron, when huge hot-stock corporations have cooked deals with the aid of their auditors and Wall Street bankers to enrich executives at the expense of their employees and shareholders, when corporate lobbyists and campaign donors so often have their way despite the interests of the voters, and when Federal Reserve figures show that the top 1 percent of U.S. households controls 38 percent of the nation's wealth. But these words... But these words were written in an 1864 letter, by Abraham Lincoln."

Just try starting a small business in the US? 

You will face a mountain of laws that say you are not worthy to be in business.  That does not sound American to me.  How about you? Those who have skipped the skip or danced the dance will tell you that you have to compromise your ideals to get what you want from the government.  Is that true?

No matter how good your idea, it will be all but impossible to gain the capital necessary if you are a reasonably unknown entrepreneur.  But, if you know somebody who knows somebody who knows a Congressman, they tell me your business can get a boost big enough to get it started. Red tape can be masked for the privileged and those "in the know." 

Doesn't that make the fur on the back of you neck stand up straight?

Maybe you don't even need to have a product or service to be successful, but let's not talk about Northeastern PA folklore.  You know that is not how it should work and when I am elected as your Senator, I promise to  change this paradigm and if I cannot, please send me home on the first bus.  OK!  I won't give up so fast!  But, I will feel like it!  I will publish the names of all the people who want to make government corrupt.  Then I will work to remove them from government.