It Ain't Fair!

Right after I wrote a short essay a year or so ago on the American Tax System. my e-mailbox was graced with this note from George.

Who is George?

I think George is John and Jane's long lost brother who has come to life after taking the cattle prod from the Congress one time too many.

Let's let George say it!

Subject: My Feelings ON Our Income Tax System

Broken, complicated, corrupted, expensive, destructive and unfair are the words that best describe  the federal income tax system after almost a hundred years of being treated like the personal piggy bank of tax lobbyists and members of Congress.

This is not simple pigsty but one that is so complex it cost taxpayers and American businesses more  than $300 billion last year in paperwork costs,  alone, before a penny of tax was paid. What people owe but don't pay amounted to more than $350 billion last year—a shortfall that, to make up, increased the average taxpayer's bill by more than a third.

A system designed by and for politicians

When I ran for Congress a year ago, and I chose not to accept a dime of contributions, I thought I had access to a local radio show to tell the world that I had decided to pick up the torch and run for Congress.  I wrote up my proposal as best as I could and sent it in and said that I would be available.  I figured it was news and I would get free coverage.  The best laid plans of mice and men gang oft aglay!

My objective was to tell the listenership that a regular person from Pennsylvania, one of the almost 700,000 in District 11, and 12,500,000 statewide, was going to run for Congress.  That week, I drove to Luzerne County voter services, paid my parking fee,  only to find that the congressional petitions were available only from the state office in Harrisburg.