Infanticide is almost at the bottom of the slippery abortion slope!

Years ago it would have been hard for any of us to believe that an intelligent adult human being would permit the killing of a pre-born baby human being in the womb some time before the baby’s birth.  Nobody would have believed fifty years or less ago that humans would ever permit such a gross violation of God’s law, “thou shalt not kill.”

Yet, today we see it all the time, and the Supreme Court says it is not against any United States law to take the life of a baby as long as it is in the womb. Many in the United States have dismissed it as fait accompli and something that is and must be. But this is not so and cannot be so. We have no right to kill.

Ironically, the Huffington Post, well known for  its “pro-choice” orientation as one of the major backers of Planned Parenthood became pro-life overnight on May 1, 2011. On May 2, the Post published a piece by psychologist Pamela Gerloff insisting on treating each life with dignity — when that life was Osama bin Laden’s. The tiniest infant in the womb has more grace from God than this evil monster who killed thousands of innocent people. It is amazing how twisted pro-choice logic is when a terrorist is involved. 

 Yes, I Am Pro-Baby!

I support protection of the unborn. I am father to three wonderful grown-up babies and I would not trade any of them for the whole world.  A baby is a heart melter even more than butter on black pavement on a hot day. Yet, for many, the same baby, reinserted into its mother's womb, is eligible for the executioner's knife.
I have been challenged on my pro-baby stance and that is why I decided to change the words from pro-life to pro-baby. I want the little guy, who is forming his or her life in the womb to be the focus of the argument of whether he or she lives or dies.

Yes, I am pro-mom. Pro-baby and pro-mom are synonyms.  Obviously, so is this great friend of America, Congressman Ron Paul.