The End of Personal Privacy

What a great deal to be an American. So many come here-- legally and illegally. Why do they come? They come because of the truthful promise of hope. America is the greatest country in the world, regardelss of the many who would like to bring us down. By the way, those of you out there who would like to bring us down-- we wish you the best in your lives.

People love the idea of America regardless of whether they like Americans per se. In America, from day one, the idividual has more rights than the state. Of course that was before Mr. Obama became in charge of the state. 

Would you ever have believed that any President of the United States, would choose to diminish the rights of the people for his own self aggrandizement. Yet, it is has happened. Have you not seen it? President Obama wants to be the full focus of the nation, and he likes it that way. Can a man who becomes President become so powerful that he can position himself as the savior of America, and all others must fall at his feet? It sure seems that way. In 2010, there are some statistics that suggest the Presient gave more sppeches than the number of days in the year.  Maybe he is overexposed. Maybe he must be overexposed.

How about his appointing 16,000 more IRS agents now operating in the country. Do you like the idea of the IRS being the big enforcer for any health infractions you may commit. What if you were not as sick as you told the City Inspector? Should you have to pay for bringing in the government just because you thought you were sick? What if you get too sick?  Will that be an offense? Will you be arrested?  Will Obama stand up for you?

ObamaCare erodes privacy and expands the use of the IRS in mandating that insurers, employers and government agencies all share with one another your personal financial information.  These 16,000 new IRS agents mean business. How about that?   But, don't worry, they won't misuse any of your personal data in your file which is now in their files.  You can trust them as you can trust all of government.