Countervailing Powers: Unions, Corporations, Government, etc.

Those with power sometimes do not know how powerful they are while those without power know very well how weak they are.  The have's always have and the have-nots, have not but they do their best to survive. So it has been from the beginning of time as the law dictates, "survival of the fittest."

Are humans above it all? Is there just a little bit in a human that is animal. Is it possible that part really is not as good in its spirit as man's best friend, the wonderful creature Canis familiaris domesticus, most often referred to simply as dog,. Are humans or dogs more inclined to do the right thing if called upon accordingly? Tough question! I look into my wonderful dog's eyes and I always know which way he is going to go.
As we go back to the turn of the century we find certain humans who had lots and lots of material goods as well as lots of power. These folks were truly captains of industry and they were referred to using that term as well as by the less flattering term of "Robber Barons."  We all know who they are from our American History classes. John D. Rockefeller, Milton S. Hershey, J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, and Cornelius Vanderbilt were the headliner robber barons of the period. They were all shrewd, cunning, and some might add, "heartless" businessmen.
These Robber Barons were indeed captains of industry and they were indeed, robber barons.


This was such a big event in the 2010 Congressional campaign for Brian Kelly  that we repeat it here. We are looking for the endorsement again for the Senate in 2012. TEA parties can pick DEmocrats when they are convinced they are conservative.

Wilkes-Barre, PA – May 7, 2010 --  11th  Congressional District candidate Brian Kelly received the endorsement of the Independence Hall Tea Party PAC. Kelly was on hand to receive the endorsement. When he spoke to the crowd, Kelly was interrupted three times for applause.  Kelly is the only Democrat in the three state area (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware) in which the Independence Hall Tea Party Operates, to receive this prestigious endorsement.  
The endorsement was announced Sunday April 11, 2010, in Philadelphia.