When taxes are inherently excessive, they simply are not paid. 

Unlike many essays on this Web site, we not only present the problem here but also the solution. Consider the statement above, "when taxes are inherently excessive, they simply are not paid." History has shown that when taxes were reduced from say the 90% burden of the mid 20th century to something reasonable, government revenue increased. Just like you and I, the rich don't want to be ripped off, and when taxes are fair, they choose to pay their fair share. Watch what you demand in taxes from the rich because, by percentage you may win, but by volume you will definitely lose.

After we set up the problem, we will introduce the solution.

 Collapse of the Market

Government does not help when it intervenes in anything. When anybody wants something done, the last group they will call onn is the government. Exceptions exist where the governmen has a monopoly -- such as police and military. Look at the people we elect into office. We know at one time they must have had some modicum of intelligence because they were slick enough to get into office.

When government does x to get y, y never comes. From the stimulus bill for example, which was supposed to get the economy rolling and crete tons of jobs, we got high unemployment and an awful lot of pork sausage for a bunch of bungling, self-serving politicians. Was it not sickening to watch them greedily grab their earmarks, hoping to assure future reelection while people were losing their jobs. 

Congress has done such a poor job in recent years, and for that matter in years past also, though not so obviously, that it is no wonder fo many see them a simply a pack of buffoons. They are so bad that they are not looked upon as jokesters, they are in fact the jokes. For Congress to get better reviews from the people, it needs to bein to serve the people.