Redistribution of Income -- On Its Way!

How about  Lower Taxes and Repeal the 16th Amendment!

Americans and that includes me need protection from unfair and unreasonable taking of their wages and income through excessive taxation. This administration is waiting to get us so far along that we will not blame them when they open the taxation floodgates. If we take none of their gifts, they can never claim us as property. 

My advice is to take no gifts even if at first a big government gift may appear to be desirable.  Do not be tempted. Try to avoid Obamacare, and if you are tempted with something more obvious like an ObamaPear or even an ObamanApple, give them all the same short shrift.
Remember the serpent!  Though the temptation may be great and the poke in the chest (like Eric Massa, former Congressman)  may break the skin, hold on to your self respect, and we all can beat this guy. Obama is as tough as anybody the world has ever seen in waging his arguments. Passage of Obamacare was his penultimate victory. it was like adding a million new diehard batteries to his energy level.  He is amazing and because of that, he is very dangerous to you and to America. He's a lot like the domineering lover that you could never shake. If you two are happily married now, my apologies.